5 Reasons why everyone should use Disposable Straws

Everyone can be lazy every now and then and when asked “Would you like a straw” you simply say yes without thinking “is it disposable” or “do I really need one”. But we need to care more and start using biodegradable straws and here are the reasons why.

Some plastic straws now contain toxic materials

Why would you want to put your health at risk and use straws that not only damage the environment but now could affect your body. All companies should replace their plastic straws with the new reusable/recyclable straws, whether that be restaurants, coffee shops, smoothie bars and even your local fish shop.

Plastic can take up to 2,000 years to break down

Now we all know that most plastic is not biodegradable and in this new developing world we need to make a big change in what we are doing and take care of what we do and don’t use. 2,000 years do you really want that straw you used on the weekend to still be blowing around in the wind when our kids, kids have had kids.

Protect our oceans and sea life creatures

At the end of the day that straw you used for 15 minutes is going to live in the ocean for decades, be digested by poor innocent creatures and live in their bodies forever! We need to take a stand before its too late as by 2050 the weight of plastic will be greater than fish in the ocean.

Think about the world’s future

It may not affect our lives at the moment but in a few years’ time it is going to cause problems for everyone has our oceans will be swamped with plastic killing off our fish and infecting our water. But it can all be stopped from one simple change. Use biodegradable straws and if the places your drinking at does not have them, do not use one and ask them why they aren’t.

Getting your hands-on disposable straws is easy

No matter if you are a customer looking to find out more about disposable products or a company looking to stock them you can contact us today and look into what you can get as there is more than just straws.

So, with all of this information what are you waiting for? Take a look at our website and see what other products you could get your hands on today!

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