Should You Use Branded Takeaway Packaging?

Packaging and advertising go hand-in-hand. Together, they make a potent marketing formula. If you’re a small food business, branded takeaway packaging is cost-effective and will appeal to your customer base. 

Why Use Branded Packaging for Takeaway Food?

Shoal Fish & Chip Bag

The power of branded packaging is not to be underestimated. Not convinced? Imagine you’re a potential customer.

You’re at a street food market, hungry to try some delicious goods on offer.

You notice a few people walking past with colourful takeaway boxes and a steaming portion of fish and chips. The style of the box and the branding has intrigued you for enough time to ask people where they got it from. You were looking for food because you were hungry, but the packaging caught your attention and convinced you to purchase.

Even if this food is unbelievably delectable, without an eye-catching packaging design, you wouldn’t have been drawn to it in the first place. The branded takeaway packaging did the advertising and secured your decision.

It’s a no-brainer. Investing in branded takeaway packaging will give you a leg-up on your competitors and persuade customers to buy from you again. Let’s look in more detail at how packaging can revolutionise your brand. 

Why Brand Promotion Is Important

As explained above, designing unique food packaging allows your business to promote itself the moment customers leave your shop. Branded takeaway packaging doesn’t just come down to the food container but also the accessories. Think about branding your cups, cutlery and napkins — or perhaps a stylish paper bag or food carrier that is functional, convenient and a smart marketing tool.

 Promote your brand identity beyond boring, non-branded packaging. Custom designs maintain consistency, promote your brand and enhance the customer experience. With 72% of consumers saying that good packaging influences their purchasing decision, it makes sense to develop brand presence by using your packaging as an extension of your advertising. It can also demonstrate your brand’s credibility, retaining a good reputation for well-packaged and tasty food. 

Why Colour Matters in Branding

It’s a fact: presentation matters.

Your brand needs to be distinctive to appeal to your consumers. Uniquely packaging your food ensures that it stands out from the crowd. Colour matters in branding because it triggers instant curiosity as soon as someone sees it. As social beings, we’re more inclined to share the appeal of a clever or unusual design with each other. This can help achieve word-of-mouth marketing that costs little to pull off. 

Research has shown that 90% of consumers’ purchase judgements are based on colour, with 85% saying that colour is the main factor in their decision. Colour has psychological implications. Think about popular fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King that use yellow in their branding, or the use of red by KFC and Five Guys

Case Study

Different colours are used to elicit specific emotions and impressions on consumers, so it’s worth considering which to choose to appeal to your target audience. 

Committing to a simple yet striking colour scheme will help customers remember your brand. It’ll also make other aspects of your brand marketing easier to manage, including your food packaging.

Build Successful Customer Loyalty

You shouldn’t limit your takeaway packaging to enticing new customers — it’s also about retaining a loyal customer base. Creating a unique packaging design will encourage familiarity with your food as consumers start trusting in the quality of your product.  Brand recognition is a factor that can increase your revenue by 31%. 

Marketing is all about establishing trust between the consumer and the brand. It’s the age of authenticity. With so many brands professing their innate superiority, the market is saturated. That’s why it’s important to be transparent and authentic presenting your brand to consumers.

Sticking to your brand values, messaging and image is all about consistency. Consistent brand representation can increase sales for your business, maintaining clarity and confidence in your product. 

One way to encourage customer loyalty is through investing in eco-friendly takeaway food packaging. There has been a recent rise in consumer concerns about our impact on the environment. In fact, 85% of consumers have become more environmentally conscious in their purchasing habits recently. Making the switch to eco-friendly packaging is an opportunity to showcase brand transparency as consumers look for ways to shrink their carbon footprint. 

Sustainable food packaging like compostable Kraftware or Bagasse BePulp containers can keep food hot and fresh while also having a low environmental impact. All your packaging can be green — down to paper straws and condiments. This is a huge selling point for the environmentally-conscious market — combined with aesthetic and practical packaging — you’re on to a winner here. 

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Wrap up Your Rivals with Branded Takeaway Packaging

A bespoke packaging design gives you an advantage over your competitors. Acting as a mobile advertisement, you’re promoting your brand to potential new customers. Unique packaging could be the reason a customer comes to you over another brand they don’t recognise. 

Branded takeaway packaging can tell your brand’s story, engage customers and emphasise your brand values — all of which create a lasting impression that will drive sales and help you achieve success in a competitive market. 

Takeaway Packaging offers sustainable food packaging for the environmentally conscious. Get in touch with us today to kickstart your journey to unique branded packaging.