Biodegradable Takeaway Cups

Discover eco-friendly takeaway cups for hot and cold drinks! Our biodegradable cups are the perfect option for eco-conscious businesses looking to slash their carbon footprint. Get compostable coffee cups and biodegradable clear cups that make sustainability simple; all are available in various sizes and styles.

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Best Selling Takeaway Cups

Check out our most popular takeaway cups for hot and cold drinks below.


Eco Cups & Lids

Eco Cups & Lids

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Recyclable Cups & Lids

Recyclable Cups & Lids

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Eco Clear Cups & Lids

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Clear Cup 78mm half pint TP5307 Recyclable copy

Recyclable Clear Cups & Lids

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Custom Printed Takeaway Cups

Print your logo or artwork on our cups! Get in touch with our team today and get food-safe packaging that’s sustainable, stylish and affordable.

Learn More about Our Eco-Friendly Takeaway Cups

Everything you’ll find in our online shop is designed to give your customers a memorable, eco-friendly experience with your brand. From our biodegradable coffee cups to plant-based bioplastic pint cups, all of the products in this range are biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. No matter what kind of hot or cold beverages you’re selling, we guarantee a sustainable packaging solution for you! 

It’s our mission to reduce non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste produced by the food service, hospitality and events industries. We know that billions of cups of tea, coffee, fruit juices and smoothies are served yearly, so we’ve developed a range of disposable packaging for drinks to make it easy for your customers to dispose of packaging responsibly. 

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Takeaway Cups for Cold Drinks

We stock two kinds of packaging for soft drinks, smoothies and alcoholic beverages:

Recycled plastic cups
– Biodegradable bioplastic cups.

Each packaging range has been created to provide straightforward solutions for disposable waste. 

Our recyclable clear cups and lids are great for all kinds of cold drinks. These cups are a great option if you’re a food vendor with recycling points on-site or if you’re delivering drinks to people’s homes where recycling is easy. All our beverage containers in this range are made from transparent, recyclable plastic.

The biodegradable clear cups we stock are made using transparent bioplastic. These cups share all of the same characteristics as oil-based plastic cups without any of the environmental drawbacks. What’s not to love?

Takeaway Cups for Hot Drinks

We stock three types of packaging for hot drinks, perfect for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and much more:

– Single Wall
– Double Wall 
– Ripple Wall.

Our single wall biodegradable coffee cups are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Plus, they can be paired with sleeves for added insulation, keeping your tea and coffee warm without making your drinks too hot to handle. They’re available in several contemporary styles and with compostable and biodegradable or recyclable lids. They’re available in sizes from 4oz to 16oz.

Choose from double wall biodegradable coffee cups or ripple eco cups for premium packaging that gives even better insulation without needing a sleeve. These cups are printed with vegetable-based inks, making them 100% safe for use with food and drinks. Pick the biodegradable cups that state, “made from plants, not oil”, to promote your sustainable status to your patrons.

Ripple wall cups offer similar benefits to double wall coffee cups — they will keep your customer’s coffee hotter for longer compared to single-wall cups. The textured surface of these takeaway coffee cups provides excellent insulation and offers more grip, making carrying hot drinks a breeze, even on cold, wet and windy mornings.

All of these cups are 100% compostable and biodegradable or recyclable. These takeaway cups are available in 8oz to 16oz sizes.

Custom Printed Paper Cups

Want more from your drinks packaging? Check out our custom branding options that combine sustainability with style. We use eco-friendly printing methods to create super-cool coffee cups for forward-thinking brands.

All of our branded coffee cups are made using 100% plastic-free materials. The plant-based linings are the same as those on our standard coffee cups. Each cup has an effective internal barrier against moisture and condensation, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills.

Using vegetable-based inks, we can print your artwork, logo, slogan and other important information on your packaging. These food-safe inks don’t contain any harmful chemicals but remain vibrant, colourful and eye-catching.

Our expert team of designers can create custom packaging from scratch or help you with your creative brief to add character to your biodegradable cups. With over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, we know a thing or two about effective packaging!

Get a free design quote for custom printed paper cups today!

Get FREE Packaging Samples for Takeaway Cups

Not sure what kind of takeaway cups you need? Try our free sample packaging! Get 10 packaging samples and see how your packaging works for your different drinks. It’s a great way to help you find the best cups for your beverages before you order packaging in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions about Takeaway Cups

Well, it depends! Check out our range of recyclable coffee cups with lids, they’re clearly labelled so that customers know what to do with them after use. Our range of biodegradable coffee cups with lids aren’t recyclable as they are lined with PLA (polylactic acid) — a plant-based material with similar properties to PE (polyethylene) — designed to degrade naturally over time. This makes these cups perfect for composting domestically or commercially. They can be disposed of in general waste too; they’ll just take longer to decompose.

Yes, the coffee cup lids in our online shop are made from fully compostable biodegradable materials, such as bagasse and PLA (polylactic acid). They’re clearly labelled so customers know what to do with them after use. Pair them with our 100% biodegradable and compostable coffee cups for a totally green takeaway coffee experience.

No, there’s a subtle yet important difference. Bioplastic cups are made from plant-based materials like polylactic acid (PLA) that break down into natural compounds, whereas biodegradable plastics are made using fossil fuels. When biodegradable plastics eventually degrade, they leave behind potentially harmful chemicals, making bioplastics much more eco-friendly.

Yes! We’ve curated our packaging selection to feature only the best sustainable packaging for hot and cold drinks. The materials used to create the packaging we sell have many of the same characteristics as their non-recyclable and non-biodegradable counterparts, offering almost identical performance without any typical environmental drawbacks.

You bet! Check out the branded packaging we’ve created for brands across the food service and hospitality industries. We print all of our packaging using water or vegetable-based inks so that it’s 100% safe for use with drinks. We can advise you on printing methods, design choices, packaging materials, unit quantities and more — get in touch for a free, no-obligation packaging quote.

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