Takeaway Packaging Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

carbon neautral

We’re delighted to announce that Takeaway Packaging is now officially carbon neutral. 

The UK still produces millions of tonnes of CO2 every year. 

Households, energy, manufacturing and transport sectors accounted for 72% of all greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.  

Although the UK government has invested in environmental protection, we felt we still needed to do our bit. 

That’s why Takeaway Packaging is leading the way in the food packaging industry by embracing carbon reduction. We offset the carbon we produce from your purchase. 

We teamed up with Carbon Jacked, professional environmental service experts who measured and analysed our emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG)

The GHG Protocol is a global standardised framework that manages and measures greenhouse gas emissions. This comprehensive protocol records emissions from public and private sector operations including value chains and applies mitigation actions.

Our goal is to make the planet a better place for all.

What Is the Definition of Carbon Neutrality? 

But what does being carbon neutral mean?

We balance out any COwe release into the atmosphere through our business to achieve carbon neutrality. 

This means we remove the same amount of carbon we have released through our company’s activities. 

We do this through climate-positive actions that result in carbon neutrality, contributing to a more sustainable future. 

More Carbon Footprint Reduction

Yet, we haven’t stopped at achieving carbon neutral status.

We’ve also decided to make all of our products sold through our online shop carbon-neutral too. 

We reconsidered our processes, including how the raw materials for our packaging are produced and how our products are transported. 

We conducted a rigorous assessment of our hot food containers, cups, accessories and more to see what we could do to reduce our carbon footprint. 

According to the GHG Protocol, companies only have to be responsible for their direct emissions

We’ve taken on extra accountability by including Scope 3 emissions under the GHG Protocol. 

This means our carbon footprint assessment also covers indirect emissions from the supply chain, making the assessment of our environmental impact even more accurate and detailed. 

Our sister company, Packaging Supplies, went carbon neutral in February of this year. 

In addition, our courier DPD has pledged to offset its own carbon emissions.

Even the way your custom takeaway packaging reaches you is greener. 

TP Sustainable Branded Packaging

How We’re Making a Difference

By supporting the Indonesian Musi River Hydro Project, we’re finding ways of creating power without damaging surrounding ecosystems. This project is also key to meeting several UN Sustainable Development Goals, which help create jobs for locals and build infrastructure within their communities. 

We’re not stopping here.

We know that fighting climate change is an uphill battle, so we’ll continue to strive to become the most sustainable takeaway food packaging supplier in the UK. 

Remove your takeaway guilt with biodegradable and carbon neutral packaging. Browse our food boxes and carriers today and begin your journey to becoming more eco-friendly.