Bagasse BePulp Food Containers and Lids

Keep your culinary delights ultra-fresh with these bagasse hot and cold food containers. Made from sugar cane residue (bagasse), these are no ordinary bowls with lids. Bagasse containers are created from renewable resources, making them the ultimate sustainable and innovative food packaging choice.

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Brand Up Your Bagasse BePulp Containers

Looking to add a personal touch? Unfortunately, we can’t print directly onto our snack boxes, but we can offer custom printed labels to effortlessly boost your brand’s image! Order custom stickers today and make your packaging stand out from the crowd.

What Is Bagasse Packaging?

Bagasse is the dry, fibrous pulp produced after crushing sugarcane to extract its juices. Used for biofuels, too, this natural material is fantastic for crafting durable hot and cold food containers. Bagasse is also a sustainable packaging choice due to renewable growth at a rate of two to three times a year. 

Why Should I Choose Bagasse Takeaway Containers?

At Takeaway Packaging, we’re keen on green. Your business should look to the future, too, as consumers become more conscious about their effect on our planet. You won’t be stuck for options either; our bagasse packaging comes in all shapes and sizes — including bowls, platters, and compartmentalised trays.  

Microwave, oven and freezer friendly, bagasse food containers are home-compostable and 100% biodegradable. Impress your customers with eco-friendly hot and cold food containers while they tuck into your terrific treats. 

As well as keeping your food ultra-fresh, bagasse containers are available with anti-leak lids to prevent spills, keeping hot food warm and unspoilt. This makes bagasse BePulp containers and lids the ultimate choice for eco-conscious and forward-thinking businesses. 

Ordering Bagasse Food Containers and Lids

Takeaway Packaging has got your food and drink covered. Literally!

All of our products are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. For alternatives, take a look at our kraftware range of takeaway containers that can be home-composted or recycled — another win for the planet. 

Order bagasse food containers before 3pm for next-day delivery and switch or stock up on sustainable food packaging — you know you want to… 

Free Packaging Samples

Unsure about which type of food packaging is right for your business? We’ve got your back. Takeaway Packaging offers a free samples box where you can pick up to 10 packaging samples so you can experiment with the right fit. Pretty cool, right? This way, you know you’re getting the perfect food container before ordering in bulk.

Keen To Be Green With Your Packaging?

Browse our range of bagasse containers and lids online and make the switch to sustainability. We even offer a custom packaging service to complement your brand.