Eco Clear Plastic Cups and Lids

Our eco clear cups and lids are great for all kinds of cold drinks, from smoothies and fresh juices to milkshakes and iced coffees. All of our beverage containers in this range are made from a transparent, sustainable bioplastic –– a plastic manufactured using plants, not oil.

This specially-engineered bioplastic has performance and characteristics that are almost identical to that of regular, oil-based plastics, but it is 100% biodegradable –– meaning that your business won’t be contributing to landfill waste and harming our planet. Our eco clear cups and lids have a carbon footprint of up to 80% lower than standard oil-based plastic packaging, so why not make the switch to eco-friendly packaging today and help save the planet?

All of the eco clear cups and lids in this range can also be commercially composted –– unlike regular plastic which takes years to degrade. This means that your business can become more sustainable simply by purchasing the right packaging for your cold beverages.

Gain the trust of an ever-growing market of environmentally conscious consumers by switching to our biodegradable plastic cups and lids. We guarantee that your customers will love helping to protect the planet with their morning iced coffees or smoothies.

With a wide range of sizes and quantities available, plus free next day delivery on orders over £100, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of your most popular eco-friendly disposable drinks containers. Allow your customers to enjoy all kinds of beverages free of single-use plastic guilt, and start helping to protect our planet today.

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