Bagasse Anti-Leak Containers & Lids

When you’re operating a food delivery service, food spilling and leaking from packaging is your worst nightmare. Before, you might have reached for the plastic leak-proof packaging because there wasn’t a sustainable alternative. 

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Branded Bagasse Anti-Leak Containers & Lids

Unfortunately we can’t print directly onto our snack boxes, but get in touch with us for a quote on printed labels, which add a touch of style and personalisation to any takeaway food packaging.

What Is Bagasse Packaging? 

Bagasse food packaging is derived from the by-product of crushed sugarcane. The dry, fibrous pulp that remains after extracting sugarcane juices has many applications, from biofuels to biodegradable packaging. Sugarcane grows quickly and can be harvested two or three times a year, making bagasse a great sustainable packaging choice for crafting durable hot and cold food containers.

Are All Bagasse Containers Leak-Proof?

Functionality and sustainability were the main objectives in the development of these compostable leak-proof containers and lids. 

The first of their kind to be available in the UK, American company Zume is spearheading the switch from plastic to compostable moulded-fibre packaging. Zume shares our vision of building a more sustainable ecosystem, creating a patented lid system for their bowls which is just as leak-proof as plastic alternatives.

A pull tab makes opening the sturdy container easy, while the ridged lid allows the leak-proof containers to be handily stacked on top of each other. The snap-fit lock on bagasse anti-leak lids fits tightly to the fibre pulp bases to minimise the risk of spillage. This range can accommodate wet or oily foods without external or intercompartmental leakages.

But don’t just take our word for it; view the leak test here.

Why Should I Choose Bagasse Leak-Proof Packaging?

Join us at Takeaway Packaging in looking towards a more sustainable future. Our bagasse leak-proof packaging range comes in different shapes and sizes — including bowls and rectangular-shaped containers

Microwave, oven and freezer friendly, bagasse food containers have a heat range of between -18° and +120°C,  perfect for a range of either hot or cold food. On top of their flexible usage, all our bagasse ranges are home compostable and 100% biodegradable. In just 120 days, 90% of the product can disintegrate at a temperature of around 25°C.

Impress your eco-conscious customers with the ultimate sustainable choice for forward-thinking businesses. 

Ordering Bagasse Leak-Proof Food Containers

Ideal for takeaway food stalls or delivery services, we currently stock 500ml and 750ml round bowls and 750ml and 1000 rectangular containers and lids. We’re always adding new products to our range, so check back here again or subscribe to get notified when we add more anti-leak products. 

All of our products are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Looking for a polystyrene container alternative? Take a look at our bagasse clamshell and tableware range that’s compostable after use and keeps food fresh and flavourful. 

Order bagasse food containers before 3pm for next-day delivery. Switch or stock up on sustainable food packaging today and do what’s best for our planet and your business. 

Get on the Green Scene

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bagasse food containers and lids online, and get keener on being greener. We even offer a custom-packaging design service that can help you showcase your brand.