Biodegradable Bowls with Lids

Looking for a way to serve soups, salads, sides and snacks sustainably? Our collection of eco-friendly bowls and lids is perfect for all kinds of hot and cold dishes. Whether you’re ladling out fresh soup or scoops of cold, refreshing ice cream, we’ve got the ideal eco-friendly packaging to give your customers a green takeaway experience.

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Best Selling Eco Bowls and Lids

Give your customers a planet-positive experience with our best-selling biodegradable takeaway bowls with lids. Compostable and biodegradable, these disposable bowls and lids are some of our most popular products, especially with street food stalls and delis. Our eco bowls are made from renewable materials and feature a plant-based PLA lining, making them leak-proof and resistant to moisture.

Shop from a range of sizes and styles suitable for tasty soups, delicious curries and more.


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Make a Sustainable Statement with Custom Biodegradable Bowls

Transform your packaging into a powerful brand statement with our custom biodegradable bowls. Personalise them with your logo, artwork, or slogan, while staying planet-friendly with our sustainable materials and vegetable-based inks. Ready to make your brand shine? Order your branded stickers or get a FREE custom packaging quote today!

Learn More about Our Eco Bowls and Lids

Takeaways taste better when your customers know their choices aren’t harming the environment. All of our takeaway bowls with lids have eco-friendly qualities that make our packaging far superior to your average plastic container.

Our Kraftware soup bowls have a natural, rustic aesthetic that showcases their planet-friendly attributes. They have a plastic-free PLA lining, too, making them ideal for wet, cold and hot food containers. With matching lids (sold separately), you can give your customers added convenience.

We also have our Kraft eco bowls, featuring the same moisture-resistant PLA lining, only with a white detail. No matter what kind of dishes you’re serving, our compostable and biodegradable bowls are up to the task.

For more containers that are great for saucy foods and soups, browse our collection of recyclable bowls and lids. Made from eco-friendly Kraft board and with PE (polyethylene) linings, these can be easily popped into the recycling bin after use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eco Bowls and Lids

Yes, they are! All of the takeaway bowls and lids in this range have eco-friendly qualities. Our eco bowls and soup bowls are made from renewable materials and benefit from being recyclable and biodegradable.

Yes, our eco-friendly bowls with lids are available in a wide range of sizes. We have smaller portion pots, which are perfect for tapas and sides, as well as larger soup and salad bowls, the ideal size for meals. If required, you can purchase the matching lid for the eco bowls separately, which makes the takeaway easy to transport. 

Yes, our disposable bowls and lids can be used as both hot and cold food containers. They’re great for serving everything from cold ice cream to piping hot soups, and with the matching lids on offer, you and your customers won’t waste a drop either.

Our takeaway bowls are highly effective at preventing leaks when they’re paired with the correct-sized lids. They create secure and tight-fitting seals, but you should always ensure that lids are correctly positioned and sealed before transporting food.

If you’re looking for the ultimate leak-proof performance from your eco-friendly packaging, take a look at our range of bagasse anti-leak containers and lids. They boast a closing performance similar to plastic, but they use a planet-friendly, plant-based, compostable material instead.

Some of our compostable and biodegradable bowls are microwave-safe, but please double-check the corresponding product page for more information.

Our biodegradable bowls and lids are designed to be single-use only. However, if you’re after food containers you can use time and time again, take a look at our collection of Fastpac reusable containers. Leak-proof, stackable, and extremely durable, they can be reused as much as you like, and at the end of their lifecycle, they can be 100% recycled. 

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