Printed Greaseproof Paper

Custom Greaseproof Linings Perfect for Takeaways

Wrap burgers and burritos or line takeaway boxes and trays with custom printed greaseproof paper. It’s bold and 100% biodegradable!
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Eco-Friendly Printed Greaseproof Paper for Beautifully Branded Takeaways

Greaseproof paper is some of the most commonly used packaging in the food service industry. Sometimes referred to as baking paper or parchment paper, it can be used to line takeaway boxes or wrap up all kinds of cuisine — the applications are endless. 

Our custom printed greaseproof paper can effortlessly elevate your brand image and take centre stage in food presentation.

Our high-quality printed greaseproof paper creates a moisture, grease and oil-resistant barrier to present your food products perfectly. It’ll also stop your customers from getting into a sticky mess! It helps food lovers have a memorable and mess-free experience while keeping their food fresh.

You can achieve a supreme finish by printing your artwork on greaseproof paper to make your burgers, burritos, wraps, or desserts look even more delicious.

Is Printed Greaseproof Paper Eco-Friendly?

We print all of our branded greaseproof paper using water or vegetable-based inks. Everything we print is 100% food-safe and sustainable. You won’t find nasty chemicals or harmful substances in our packaging — only natural, eco-friendly materials.

Plus, our greaseproof paper is recyclable so long as it isn’t spoiled. It’s made from 100% virgin pulp, so it can be recycled or composted domestically or commercially. 

Unlike other greaseproof papers, ours doesn’t have a silicone lining. Instead, the greaseproof paper is crafted from natural, tightly woven fibres that prevent water or oil from permeating the surface.

The innovative design offers improved performance to non-recyclable greaseproof papers, giving you all the benefits without any environmental drawbacks — a win-win!

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Printed greaseproof starts at 2,000 sheets, depending on the sheet size.

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Promote Your Brand with
Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper

Put your products in the spotlight with printed greaseproof paper! Branding is all about consistency. That’s why the world’s most recognisable brands use custom designs on every aspect of their packaging. You can do the same with our complete branded packaging solutions for greaseproof paper, takeaway boxes, paper bags and much more.

Take advantage of our design team’s experience to create packaging that emboldens your brand and strengthens your marketing strategy. We can help you create artwork from scratch or work with your existing designs to generate eye-catching packaging that perfectly represents your brand.

With low minimum order quantities, personalised greaseproof paper sheets are a popular and cost-effective way to enhance your food packaging. Choose from various sheet sizes to get the most out of your custom-printed greaseproof paper for your whole menu.

Make the dishes you serve unmistakably yours with Takeaway Packaging.

Learn More About Our Greaseproof Paper

Most greaseproof papers aren’t eco-friendly. Ours is different. You can use our greaseproof paper with takeaway boxes, cake boxes, trays and anything else in our Kraftware collection for completely planet-positive packaging.

The standard compostable greaseproof paper sheets we stock are manufactured with a specialised oil protection system. They’re impermeable to oil, grease, fat and moisture without needing a silica-based coating. As with everything in our online shop, they’re 100% recyclable and compostable since it’s made from entirely natural materials.

We take sustainability seriously, which is why our custom-printed greaseproof paper has the environmentally friendly qualities as our standard greaseproof paper. It’s also PEFC-certified for ultimate peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Greaseproof paper is highly versatile and a staple of most businesses in food service. It can be at high and low temperatures in the freezer and oven. Its non-stick properties make it ideal for wet, oily or “messy” foods. It’s perfect for items like loaded fries, nachos, chicken wings and more, but it’s also handy when packaging burgers, burritos, wraps, or desserts.

The lead time on custom orders is 10 working days from the order receipt. We offer quick turnaround times on printed greaseproof paper to give you the packaging you need quickly. Supply your artwork and select your quantity via our order form and we’ll do the rest!

We offer various sizes of greaseproof paper suitable for various applications:

  • 355x500mm – 38gsm White Food Grade
  • 297x210mm – 38gsm White Food Grade
  • 250x335mm – 38gsm White Food Grade.


We can also print custom greaseproof paper sheets to your requirements. We can advise you on the ideal size to minimise packaging waste and give you a handy, branded packaging solution ready to use with your food items.

No, we pre-cut and ship our greaseproof paper sheets to our customers. Our customers find this much easier than receiving printed greaseproof paper rolls that they have to cut themselves. The greaseproof paper sheets we print are ideal for quick-service restaurants, dark kitchens and other food establishments that rely on fast, efficient service.

We supply greaseproof paper sheets in 2,500 units to 10,000 units or more. For larger orders or regular deliveries, please get in touch with our packaging experts, and we’ll help you get the branded packaging you need.

We pride ourselves on supplying greaseproof paper far more eco-friendly than our competitors. Most greaseproof paper is made by adding a layer of chemical coating to paper, often silicone or starch, but it could be other chemical substances that repel oil, moisture and fat. Greaseproof paper made this way isn’t recyclable or biodegradable, so we went in a more sustainable direction.

By interweaving layers of non-porous paper pulp into a tightly woven material, we’ve developed a recyclable and fully customisable greaseproof paper product that offers improved performance without the typical environmental drawbacks of traditional greaseproof sheets.

We exclusively use water and vegetable-based inks to produce deep, vibrant artwork on our custom greaseproof paper sheets. Our unique printing process allows us to create 100% non-toxic and food-safe packaging. We can print repeating patterns in full colour for maximum impact. If you want to minimise packaging costs, we can print in one or two colours on white food-grade greaseproof paper sheets for bold branding on a budget.

Yes! If unspoiled, you can easily recycle our greaseproof paper. If it’s been used, it’s readily compostable and biodegradable. This gives consumers multiple options to dispose of their packaging responsibly and without them feeling guilty about packaging waste.

Printed Greaseproof Paper for Eco-Conscious Brands

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