Is Greaseproof Paper Recyclable? 

Is greaseproof paper recyclable, or should it go in the general waste bin? Find out with Takeaway Packaging.

Greaseproof paper has many uses in the kitchen and in takeaway packaging. It’s a lot like paper but with added fat, grease and oil-repellent properties. This raises the question: is greaseproof paper recyclable?

Simply put, most greaseproof paper is not recyclable. 

The properties that make greaseproof paper so useful in cooking, baking and packaging are the same properties that make it unsuitable for recycling. While some forms of greaseproof paper have eco-friendly credentials, let’s look at why most greaseproof paper isn’t recyclable.

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What Is Greaseproof Paper?

Sometimes referred to as baking paper or parchment paper, greaseproof paper is typically a sheet of unbleached paper with a specialised silicone coating. This coating provides a heat-proof, non-stick surface, making it indispensable in cooking, baking and food packaging. Regular paper is readily recyclable, meaning it can be repurposed to create all kinds of products, like takeaway paper bags, but greaseproof paper is different. 

Why Isn’t Greaseproof Paper Recyclable?

The main reason greaseproof paper isn’t recyclable is its silicone coating. This can’t be adequately processed by recycling machinery, meaning it should go directly to general waste, even if unused. 

Any greaseproof paper that comes into contact with greasy or oily food shouldn’t be recycled. While the paper protects the surface of the packaging or baking tin during usage, it’s spoiled in the process. Contaminated recycling is a big problem, and the best way to avoid contaminating other recyclable rubbish is by putting spoiled greaseproof paper straight in the bin. 

Is Greaseproof Paper Bad for the Environment?

Most brands of greaseproof paper aren’t recyclable, so does that mean all baking paper is bad for the environment? Not necessarily.

Our compostable greaseproof paper is made from 100% virgin pulp and manufactured with a specialised oil protection system. The unique composition of tightly compacted fibres makes it impermeable to oil, grease, fat and moisture without the need for a silica-based coating. 

Since it’s free from non-recyclable and non-biodegradable compounds, it can be recycled or composted commercially or at home. Under the right conditions, it’ll degrade in three to six months, so you don’t have to feel guilty about using it.

If you’re looking for a branded solution, why not check out our custom printed greaseproof paper? It’s the same compostable qualities as our standard greaseproof paper, but it’s also PEFC certified for good measure.

Is Greaseproof Paper the Same as Waxed Paper?

Waxed and greaseproof papers are different products. Greaseproof paper is best suited to cooking, baking and food packaging due to its heat-resistant and non-stick surface, whereas you should only use waxed paper to line dishes and trays that won’t go in the oven. While waxed paper features a non-stick coating, it’s not heat resistant, and the coating will melt if exposed to high temperatures.

Should You Use Greaseproof Paper or Aluminium Foil?

It all depends on what you’re using it for. Aluminium foil is best for high-heat cooking like grilling. As a metal, it has an extremely high heat resistance and is also recyclable if it hasn’t come into contact with food. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be overheated, though. In some circumstances, it can end up sticking to your food, which isn’t good. Consider that aluminium takes centuries to decompose if it ends up as landfill waste, so it’s best used sparingly. 

Greaseproof paper is better for low-heat cooking like baking and benefits from being compostable. It’s also much more suited to food packaging, like our food-grade pizza boxes lined with Kraft-based paper that improves recycling rates and keeps your customers’ food hot, fresh and delicious. Under the right conditions, it’ll degrade entirely in as little as three to six months, so your patrons can enjoy guilt-free takeaways.

Can You Get Printed Greaseproof Paper?

Are you looking for stylish and sustainable greaseproof paper? Get custom printed greaseproof paper with your artwork or logo and give your brand a boost. Whether you want to give your Instagram content a branded edge or make your takeaway business the envy of your rivals, our branded packaging solutions are eco-friendly and make for super effective marketing.

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