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Eco-Friendly Takeaway Cups for Hot and Cold Beverages

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Create branded coffee cups and give your hot and cold beverages a boost with the help of our expert in-house design team.

At Takeaway Packaging, we help you achieve stylish sustainability with eco-friendly drinks packaging that doesn’t compromise on fun or functionality.

By adding a custom design to your paper cups, you can elevate your brand’s status and enhance your customers’ experience. Printing your business name, logo or artwork to your paper beverage containers is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, helping you to score new and repeat customers.

We’re passionate about brand promotion but also about the planet. That’s why our branded coffee cups and paper cups are made from responsibly sourced, 100% plastic-free materials.

Choose from a range of our disposable coffee cup designs and styles to suit your requirements. You can also add recyclable lids (sold separately) to make your customers’ takeaway experience even more convenient.

Each design has its own recyclable, compostable and biodegradable properties, helping you to give your customers an eco-friendly experience they’ll remember.

See How We Can Help

We can work from your brief and supply you with ideas and concepts to complement your brand. Are you interested in finding out more about the services we can offer you? Then give us a call, or send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

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More About this Product

Single Wall Cups

These cups are made of single-layer paperboard and are best suited to cold drinks. If you’re using these to serve hot drinks, you’ll need to pair them with a coffee cup sleeve and a cautionary message. Simple but effective, these affordable takeaway coffee cups are a popular product choice.

Double Wall Cups

These coffee cups offer maximum insulation and have immense structural integrity. As our best selling cups, they’re cost-efficient and have a range of benefits. Customers won’t need a sleeve for hand protection, and your branded coffee cup designs will appear bold and bright against the white upper and lower rims.

Ripple Cups

Make your customer’s coffee last with these ripple-style takeaway coffee cups. The ripple design provides greater insulation than single-wall designs, ensuring hot drinks keep their heat even on the longest and most arduous journeys. Monday mornings are a breeze with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

Compostable Cups

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Show off your sustainability by opting for this organic look. These branded coffee cups are perfect for environmentally conscious businesses and consumers.

Recyclable Cups

Smoothie sellers and milkshake makers rejoice. These branded coffee cups can be lined or double-lined with PE, making them ideal for hot and cold beverages. The internal coating prevents liquid from soaking through the walls and prevents condensation, allowing your customers to indulge themselves without worry.

Coffee Cup Lids

Give your takeaway coffee cups a finishing touch. Unlike other lids, ours have several handy features that instantly enhance a buyer’s experience. Marked with a “Caution: Contents Hot” message as standard, your customers will know to wait before taking a sip of your hot, freshly prepared beverages. These lids also have a re-closable drinking aperture to keep germs and heat loss at bay.