White & Kraft Noodle Boxes

Give your cuisine the planet-positive packaging it deserves with our eco-friendly noodle boxes. Fill these takeaway cartons with hot, cold, wet or dry food — everything in this collection has a specialised inner coating that’s impervious to grease, oil and moisture.

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Stir Up Excitement with Customised Noodle Boxes

From compostable Kraft to recyclable white options, we’ve got the perfect noodle boxes to match your menu. But why settle for plain when you can add your own flair? Let’s splash some colour and personality onto your noodle boxes. Reach out for a FREE custom packaging quote or order branded stickers today.

What Are Noodle Boxes Made From?

Plastic takeaway containers aren’t suitable for any takeout. They’re awful for the environment and hazardous to human health — swap them out for sustainably sourced noodle boxes to protect the planet and your customers.

Available in various sizes and styles, our Kraft noodle boxes are lined with PLA (polylactic acid). This plant-based, plastic-free substance makes these paper pails completely compostable and biodegradable. The premium-quality virgin Kraft paper used to construct these take-out cartons is an effective insulator, keeping your takeaway at the desired temperature.

The white noodle boxes we’ve created are double-lined with PE (polyethylene), making them easy to recycle, unlike traditional plastic containers for takeaways. The round base design makes them stackable for ease of storage and quick service.

Put your logo on these noodle boxes! Get in touch for a free design quote.

Ordering Noodle Boxes Wholesale

Use our paper-based noodle cartons for many meals, from chop suey and chow mein to pasta and rice dishes — they aren’t limited to being excellent Chinese takeaway boxes. From wok to box, your food will stay hot and fresh, no matter how your service works, whether that’s over-the-counter or delivery only.

Give your customers an authentic experience with wooden chopsticks and make your takeaways memorable.

Looking For Branded Noodle Boxes?

Customise your takeaway packaging with our branded packaging service and join the likes of Nando’s, Five Guys, TGI Friday’s and many more of our satisfied clients.

Order before 3pm for next-day delivery.

Free Packaging Samples

Unsure about which type of food packaging is right for you? We’ve got your back. Order a free samples box and pick up to 10 packaging samples to find the perfect packaging today.