From Surf to Serve: Sustainable Seafood Packaging for Shoal

Shoal, a traditional British seafood restaurant nestled in Winchester, came to the team at Takeaway Packaging in search of bespoke twisted-handle paper bags and specialised fish and chips boxes. Renowned for their commitment to serving fresh and sustainable seafood, Shoal wanted eco-friendly packaging to align with their core ethos.

Read on to learn how we crafted a tailored solution to keep their delectable fish and chips fresh and perfectly sustainable.

The Challenge

Shoal approached Takeaway Packaging with the requirement for custom packaging that reflected their dedication to sustainability. The unique challenge presented was the need for food-grade packaging that maintained the freshness and integrity of their food offerings while creating a customised design that aligned with their brand. 

As fish and chips have a high oil content, it was also necessary for the packaging to be greaseproof to prevent leakages during transport while still maintaining full recyclability. Typical fish and chip packaging often faces challenges when it comes to recycling due to high grease absorption, so this was a key hurdle that needed addressing.

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The Approach

Shoal had three key goals in mind for their packaging: maintaining food freshness, increasing sustainability and maintaining brand consistency. With this in mind, we worked closely to create a solution that kept their food in pristine condition and met their budget and timeframe and stood out in a competitive market. Here’s how we did it:

Types of Packaging Used

Shoal opted for twisted-handle paper bags made from 80% recycled materials, which are completely compostable after use. This ensured that customers could easily dispose of their packaging without the guilt that comes with non-biodegradable options. The reinforced handle means that they’re stronger than standard paper bags, making them ideal for heavier and larger orders.

The fish and chip takeaway boxes featured a unique design, utilising virgin Kraft paper on the inside. This approach ensures that our boxes are food-grade and safe for direct contact with food. Plus, this design enhances grease resistance, as the tighter-packed fibres in the paper make it a lot harder for the grease to penetrate the box. Made with 73% recycled paper, the fish and chip boxes can be recycled or composted, and they’re also biodegradable, giving their customers plenty of options for sustainable disposal.

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Printing Methods

We used offset printing using contrasting colours and natural elements like fishtails, coral and seaweed to accentuate Shoal’s brand. This gave the packaging a striking appearance and put Shoal’s dedication to responsibly sourced and seasonal fish front and centre.

Shoal Fish & Chip Bag copy

The Result

Our collaboration with Shoal helped them meet their sustainability goals and boosted their brand’s visibility through the power of custom packaging. The unique design and eco-friendly materials enhanced Shoal’s image, contributing to a positive customer experience whilst helping them stand out in a crowded market. 

What Shoal Had to Say:

“Positive quote from the client about Takeaway Packaging’s service.” 

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