Custom Takeaway Food Boxes and Carriers

Custom Food Boxes for Eco-Friendly Takeaways

Revolutionise your packaging with a custom design. Let our expert designers help you create distinct branded food boxes.
Get stuck into producing eye-catching packaging and wrap up your rivals. Literally!


Spice up Your Takeaway Packaging with Our Custom Takeaway Boxes, Perfect for Hot and Cold Food.

Don’t settle for plain packaging when you could showcase your brand’s unique style and sustainability with custom takeaway food boxes. Wow your customers with diligently designed, eco-friendly food boxes and carriers, available in various sizes, styles and designs.

Whether it’s burgers, burritos, salads or sandwiches, we can give your brand a boost with our custom packaging. Made from solid and sustainable materials, you can guarantee your takeaways will reach their destination fresh and ready to eat.

Need some inspiration for your design? Our expert team can help you create artwork from scratch, revamp your branding and design packaging to your specifications. We can even store and distribute your custom takeaway food boxes as needed. We’ll send them to you with next-day delivery when you need more.

Simply select the size you need, choose your style, and we’ll create your unique design.

Why Do I Need Branded Food Boxes?

Even if your food is absolutely delicious, and trust me, we believe you; you’ll need an eye-catching branded design.


Because customers are drawn to unique and distinct packaging. Most consumers make purchasing decisions based on good packaging designs. Custom food box designs allow your business to promote itself, working as a walking advertisement. 

Custom, stylish food carriers or paper bags are a functional and smart marketing tool and a cost-effective way to market your brand. Promoting your brand identity is a step beyond plain, boring non-branded packaging. Demonstrate your brand’s credibility, retaining an excellent reputation for sustainable, well-packaged and delicious food. 

See How We Can Help

We can work from your brief and supply you with ideas and concepts to complement your brand. Are you interested in finding out more about the services we can offer you? Then give us a call, or send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Build Customer Loyalty with Custom Food Box Designs

It might be your goal to entice new customers to your business. Although that’s important, it’s also vital to retain a loyal customer base. Custom takeaway food boxes will encourage trust and familiarity with your customer base. Think about all the mega-successful fast-food chains that keep their branding consistent with familiar colours and logos. Brand recognition can increase your revenue in an age where authenticity matters. 

Maintain clarity and confidence in your product by sticking steadfastly to your brand values, image and messaging. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Make the switch to eco-friendly custom packaging as consumers look for ways to be greener and showcase your brand. 

Branded packaging isn’t just about the containers the food comes in. It’s also about the accessories, darling. Branding is all about consistency, so carry over your stunning custom packaging design to your cups, cutlery and napkins.

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More About this Product

Going sustainable with your custom takeaway packaging doesn’t mean you’ll be limited in container options. At Takeaway Packaging, we offer custom services in a wide range of food packaging, from cake boxes to kids’ meal boxes

Whatever area of the food industry you’re in, we’ve got a container for that. Oh, and in case you’re wondering — they’re all biodegradable, recyclable or compostable.

Branded Food Box and Burger Box

Burger Boxes

Leak-proof, grease-proof and moisture-resistant, our eco-friendly takeaway burger boxes come with an interlocking lid for added functionality. Available in various sizes, make your custom food boxes sustainable with our kraft burger boxes, sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forests. 

16oz Chip Cup copy

Chips Cones and Scoops

Give your crispy chips or fries the packaging they deserve. Available in various sizes, our chip cups are perfect for potato wedges or finger food snacks like churros or breadsticks. With a compostable PLA lining made from renewable resources — these chip cones and scoops are grease and leak-resistant.

Takeaway Packaging - The Dolphin Dungannon - Fish & Chips

Fish and Chip Boxes

These sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes are available in standard designs or branded to your specifications. We use virgin Kraft paper to line our food boxes which is more hygenic and has a higher grease resistance. They’re durable and made of 73% recycled paper. Plus, thanks to the virgin Kraft paper lining, these boxes are also 100% recyclable.

Nested Trays

Nested Trays

Suitable for hot and cold food items, from chips to salad and everything in between. These compostable food nest trays are made from sustainable Kraft board. Featuring a PLA inner coating derived from plants. Leak-proof, grease-proof and fully biodegradable — stack these trays to save space in a busy kitchen full of culinary delights. 

salad boxes

Salad Boxes

Available with a hinged lid and a window to display your delectable dishes. Choose from various sizes of leak and grease resistant salad boxes. A PLA window made from renewable resources ensures your customers can see your sumptuous salads. Suitable for hot, cold, wet or dry foods, this packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

hot food boxes

Hot Food Boxes

With a leak-proof and grease-resistant lining, these hot food boxes have interlocking tuck-in lid options — available in various sizes and styles. They can be opened out to create a double compartment tray and are made from durable and versatile Kraft board. Suitable for hot and cold food, these hot food boxes are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes

Select the perfect cake box from a stylish range of sizes and styles. We can produce these boxes with a grease-resistant lining, ideal for various cakes and sweet treats. Completely biodegradable and compostable, there’s nothing sweeter than being greener.

Kids Meal Boxes

Kids Meal Boxes

Package kids’ meals up in a fun and exciting way. With various designs available, our modern range of Kraft snack boxes are sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forests. Versatile, tear-resistant and water/oil resistant — compost or recycle after use.

Custom Takeaway Food Boxes for Eco-Conscious Brands

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