Bagasse Clamshells and Tableware

Polystyrene packaging is so passé. Replace it with natural bagasse packaging made from renewable materials. Suitable for both hot and chilled food, our bagasse tableware is perfect for any over-the-counter service. 

Bagasse is breathable and doesn’t absorb water or oil, keeping food fresher for longer. Plus, it’s 100% compostable and biodegradable, so you can give your customers an easier way to dispose of their takeaway packaging. Get free shipping on all UK orders over £100.

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Check out our most popular eco-friendly packaging products below and get high-quality food packaging that protects the planet.

What Is Bagasse Packaging? 

Bagasse food packaging is derived from the by-product of crushed sugarcane. The dry, fibrous pulp that remains after extracting sugarcane juices can be used for biofuels and eco-friendly packaging. Sugarcane grows quickly (two or three times a year), making bagasse a great sustainable packaging choice for crafting durable hot and cold food containers

What Makes Bagasse Tableware Better than Plastic?

Sometimes, customers can’t wait to tuck into your tasty treats right away. Instead of giving them a plastic plate for their pizza or sides, provide them with eco-friendly bagasse tableware. Our bagasse plates come in three handy sizes that are ideal for a range of hot or cold food. Once used, they can be composted domestically or commercially or thrown out as general waste since they’ll degrade quickly, without leaving a trace.

Customers can enjoy your delicious food entirely guilt-free, knowing they can dispose of their plates sustainably. Bagasse tableware is as functional as it is eco-friendly. It has a temperature resistance of -10° to +120°C, making it suitable for an eclectic variety of mouth-watering dishes. 

We stock a range of bagasse clamshell containers, including convenient compartmentalised meal boxes to separate food items and bagasse trays that make sustainability simple.

Our clamshell burger boxes and meal boxes have a hinged lid and tuck-in tab, so they’re quick and easy to use during a busy service and can be used for any kind of food. 

If you’re concerned about leaks or spillages, we also stock bagasse leak-proof packaging, ensuring your food stays intact on the move. 

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Ordering Bagasse Containers Wholesale

From eco-friendly plates to clamshells, trays and meal boxes to go, we’ve got your green foodie needs covered. With plenty of designs and sizes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for sustainable choices!

All our products are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable — including our durable Fastpac reusable containers range, which are dishwasher safe too.

Keep the flavour and do the planet a favour with eco-friendly bagasse food packaging — order before 3pm for next-day delivery.

Greener Is Cleaner

Browse our range of bagasse food containers and lids online, and make the switch to sustainability. We even offer a custom-packaging design service that can help promote your brand. 

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