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Eco Friendly Takeaway Packaging

Why You Should Choose Takeaway Packaging

We’re an eco-friendly food packaging supplier based in the UK. We produce branded packaging and disposable packaging for the food service industry and beyond. 

Using our years of experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive design service to help brands create stylish and sustainable food packaging without compromising their environmental values.

Everything we stock is made from recycled, recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable materials. If you’re in the drinks and beverages industry, check out our range of biodegradable cups. Are you serving food? Our range of hot food packaging is made from organic and recycled materials.

Whatever you need, all our packaging is certified carbon neutral, helping you to protect the planet and impress your customers!

Takeaway Packaging: Our Purpose

It’s no secret that plastic packaging is one of the biggest offenders when safeguarding the environment. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, causes endless harm to animals (including humans) and damages fragile ecosystems. 

That’s why it’s our mission to eliminate single-use plastic waste from food and drink packaging. We want eco-friendly food packaging accessible, functional and affordable for all UK businesses to champion sustainability. After all, powerful planet-positivity starts with something as simple as upgrading your takeaway packaging.

Takeaway Packaging: Our Purpose
Takeaway Packaging

Our History

Back in the late 1970s, Tim Allen and Stewart Middleton were two friends and colleagues with a vision. They’d noticed that the packaging industry had a gap in the market. Tim and Stewart wanted to offer their customers more, like warehouse storage and fast delivery times. In 1981, Takeaway Packaging’s parent company Packaging Supplies was born. After over three decades of building our collective knowledge and experience, we opened Takeaway Packaging, our specialist food packaging division in the UK. The rest, as they say, is history.

Start Serving Your Food in Sustainable Style

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Our Group

We’re not just food packaging suppliers. Our group contains four businesses, all working closely together.
It’s our goal to offer all our clients a friendly, reliable and complete service, eco-style.

Takeaway Packaging

Packme Promotional

Packaging Supplies Ltd

Moving Boxes Direct

Packme Promotional

Packme specialises in creating children’s activity products and promotional items, working with well-known brands in the food packaging and hospitality sector, plus many more in the travel and leisure industry. We design kids’ activity packs (which you can also buy from Takeaway Packaging).

Our activity packs can be customised for any kind of customer, whether it’s for small independent brands to bigger well-known restaurant chains. Promote your product/service while keeping kids engaged with educational activities

We also have an exciting range of products in Packme’s online shop. Our promotional products are often totally bespoke and unique to client requirements to effectively support their campaigns or promotions.

Packaging Supplies Ltd

Packaging Supplies has been supplying industries in the UK and Europe with packaging for over 40 years. We focus on two main areas: eco-friendly custom packaging services and our 100% plastic-free online shop, which includes sustainable shipping boxes, postal packaging, and paper-based void-fill.

Packaging Supplies’ products are completely plastic-free, and we’re also carbon-neutral — which means we offset all the carbon emissions we make. With free next-day delivery, you can get all the eco-friendly packaging you need quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Moving Boxes Direct

Moving Boxes Direct offers a hassle-free packaging solution for moving. Our kits incorporate everything you’ll need to move house, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more. We also offer free delivery on all kits and packs and next-day delivery on orders before 2 pm. Our extensive market research has produced the ideal moving kit that has been tried and tested. We also offer a “create your own” service that enables you to design your moving kit, giving you peace of mind when moving day arrives.

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Our Clients

We work with eclectic brands across the food service, hospitality, travel, leisure and events industries.

Switch to Sustainability

With more and more consumers demanding eco-friendly products and packaging, it’s time to embrace planet positivity and sustainability.

Bespoke Branded Packaging

Bespoke Branded Packaging

Not sure where to start? Our dedicated team of in-house designers can help you perfect the look of your eco-friendly food packaging. We also offer a free design consultation! 

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Takeaway Food Packaging

Takeaway Food Packaging

Discover our plastic and guilt-free food packaging from a trusted UK supplier. Whether it’s sweet, savoury or slurpable, we’ve got something sustainable for you.