Kraft Food Packaging

Advance your food packaging game with our unbeatable Kraft food boxes! Made from eco-friendly virgin Kraft board, Kraft boxes are your recipe for success, keeping hot and cold cuisine covered, fresh and tasty. From burger boxes and trays to snack boxes and chip cups, serve up a side of style with a dash of eco-friendliness. Upgrade to Kraft packaging, make a bold statement and reduce your environmental footprint!

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Best Selling Kraftware

Get ready to savour our sensational lineup of best-selling Kraft food packaging that is taking the industry by storm. Takeaway Packaging UK is your go-to supplier for Kraft boxes, offering a diverse range of top-quality products for you to find your eco-friendly culinary finesse. 

Below, shop our best-selling Kraft takeaway boxes for fish & chips or versatile, recyclable pizza boxes.


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Get Creative with Custom Kraft Boxes

It’s time to make a lasting impression and leave your competitors in the dust. Our personalised Kraft food containers are made from premium-quality, food-grade Kraft board and are here to showcase your brand sustainably. Unlock the power of custom Kraft food packaging today and spread the word about your killer cuisine.

Learn More about Kraft Food Packaging

Transform your takeaway experience with our durable, versatile, sustainable Kraft food packaging. We’ve integrated this planet-positive material into a wide range of products, ensuring a delightful dining experience,

Stock up on our leak-proof, grease-resistant, and stackable snack boxes, a customer favourite suitable for hot, cold, wet, or dry foods. Our chip cups are an ideal choice for appetisers and sides, offering easy-access munching mobility!

For burger aficionados, our Kraft-based burger boxes are a must-have. Available in various sizes, they can effortlessly accommodate stacked burgers and sliders oozing with sauces and fillings. With a hinged lid to retain heat and freshness, every bite will be as satisfying as the first. Equally eco-tastic are our hot dog Kraft boxes, available in multiple sizes to serve up tasty temptations. 

Save room for dessert! Delight your customers with our sophisticated Kraft cake boxes, perfectly designed for all kinds of sweet treats. With a convenient handle, these Kraft boxes ensure easy transportation for delicate desserts or savoury sensations. The unique, soft-edged design of these Kraft containers will make your takeaway food unforgettable and memorable. 

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Looking for more? Browse our range of eco-friendly hot food containers to keep your food fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kraft Packaging

Kraft food packaging is made from durable and sustainable Kraft paperboard. Kraft paperboard is produced from wood pulp obtained from softwood, fast-growing trees like pine or spruce. The wood fibres undergo a chemical pulping process to break them down into pulp. This pulp is then processed and pressed to create sturdy sheets of Kraft paperboard. Kraft paperboard is known for its strength, resilience, and its resilience to moisture, making it an excellent choice for food packaging. Our Kraft packaging includes products made from paperboard, Kraftpak and fluted cardboard, all eco-friendly packaging materials derived from sustainable sources. Paperboard, also known as cardboard, is made from wood pulp fibres obtained from responsibly managed forests. This renewable resource ensures the production of paperboard does not contribute to deforestation. Fluted cardboard, commonly used in corrugated packaging, consists of a middle layer of fluted paper sandwiched between two outer layers of liner board. The fluted layer adds strength and cushioning properties to the cardboard. These materials are typically made from a combination of virgin and recycled fibres. Using recycled content helps minimise waste and conserve resources, while virgin fibres ensure the necessary strength and integrity of the packaging.

Kraft food trays are versatile containers suitable for various food items. They are commonly used for serving hot and cold foods, making them ideal for multiple culinary delights. From fast food favourites like burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs to fried snacks such as French fries and onion rings, Kraft food trays offer a convenient and eco-friendly option for easy handling and enjoyment.

These trays are also perfect for presenting salads, fresh produce, deli meats, cheeses, desserts and sweets. They provide an appealing display for items like fruit salads, charcuterie assortments, pastries and baked goods.

For our pizza boxes, we’ve innovatively reversed the arrangement of Kraft and test paper, positioning the Kraft paper on the inside of the box. This strategic adjustment allows the box to directly come in contact with food, resulting in significantly improved resistance to grease. The smooth texture of the virgin Kraft paper, with its densely packed fibres, forms a robust barrier that effectively prevents grease from permeating through the packaging. Because grease can’t soak in, our pizza boxes can be recycled without needing greaseproof paper (traditional cardboard pizza boxes contaminate recycling if greasy).

Our entire range of Kraftware products can be customised or branded with your unique design. Contact us today for a FREE custom quotation within 48 hours.

Yes! Takeaway Packaging holds a B grade rating from BRCGS (British Reputation Compliance Global Standards) for storing food and non-food-grade packaging. We are accredited to store stationery items intended for restaurant groups and perform contract packing services for singular factored ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs. Buying from us means you can feel reassured your Kraft boxes are food-grade and safe.

Kraft paper is an excellent choice for food packaging due to its strength, durability, and resistance to grease and moisture. It provides a protective barrier that keeps food fresh while being sustainable, as it is made from renewable sources and is biodegradable and recyclable. Kraft paper’s smooth surface allows for easy customisation and adaptation to different packaging structures and styles. It is considered safe for food contact, free from harmful chemicals and suitable for maintaining the safety and quality of packaged food.

Kraft paper is derived from renewable and responsibly managed sources like softwood trees. These trees can be replenished through sustainable forestry practices, ensuring a continuous supply of raw materials. Materials like plastic or polystyrene are derived from fossil fuels, contribute to resource depletion and persist in the environment for hundreds of years.  Kraft paper is biodegradable and compostable. It naturally breaks down into organic matter over time, reducing the environmental impact and waste accumulation. 

Kraft paper is also recyclable, allowing for the production of new paper products. The recycling process consumes less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than manufacturing new materials. Kraft paper production typically involves fewer harmful chemicals and toxins compared to other packaging materials. 

Did you know we’re officially carbon-neutral? Find out how we’re offsetting our carbon emissions

Serve up Success with Kraft-Tastic Custom Packaging

Ignite your brand’s visual impact and consult our in-house design experts. Impress your eco-conscious customers with Krafty custom solutions that pack a punch. Get a free custom design quote from us today!