Sustainable Packaging for Sandwiches: It’s Time to Go Green


The sandwich is a British lunchtime staple. Sandwiches are easy to make, filling and portable — which explains why it’s 42% of the nation’s go-to lunch. Invented in the 18th Century by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, as a convenient way to eat and multitask, now, the simple sandwich boasts worldwide popularity. 

Picking up a supermarket sandwich is an effortless way to get lunch sorted for the workday. But, supermarkets and other retailers often use paperboard packaging lined with plastic to package their sandwiches. For the eco-conscious consumer, this makes disposing of sandwich packaging an unnecessary hassle.

To recycle sandwich packaging, you must remove the paperboard from the transparent plastic. Only the paperboard is recyclable, whereas the clear plastic goes straight into the bin.

With the UK throwing away 96.6 billion pieces of plastic annually, not everyone will bother with the fiddly process of disassembling their sandwich packaging. 

As a food retailer, you can start appealing to your eco-conscious market using compostable sandwich bags — which are easy to dispose of. Not only will your customers enjoy their mouthwatering sandwiches, but they’ll also feel guilt-free about throwing away their sandwich packaging afterwards. Instead, customers can give back to the planet by composting their sandwich packaging, allowing it to biodegrade naturally. 

If you’re keen on being greener, consider some sustainable sandwich packaging ideas to inspire you to take the leap. 

Which Packaging Material Is Best for Sandwiches?

Greaseproof paper is one of the most popular packaging options for sandwiches on the go. As the name suggests, greaseproof paper soaks up oil and grease and prevents sandwiches from going soggy. It also provides a useful way to hold and eat the sandwich without causing a mess. 

Which Packaging Material Is Best for Sandwiches

Greaseproof Greatness

If your business specialises in fresh takeaway sandwiches, greaseproof paper is a cost-effective way to serve your delectable delights. 

Unfortunately, ordinary greaseproof paper isn’t recyclable. This is due to its silicone coating, which can’t be processed by recycling machinery. However, Takeaway Packaging has a sustainable solution. It’s eco-friendly greaseproof paper

So what makes our greaseproof paper eco-friendly? Well, for starters, ours doesn’t have a silicone lining. The lining on our greaseproof paper is 100% virgin pulp from responsibly managed forests. The fibres are tightly woven to prevent moisture or oil from permeating the surface. When standard greaseproof paper comes into contact with greasy or oily food, you can’t recycle it. It’s spoiled during usage, so it needs to go straight into the bin. With contaminated recycling becoming a considerable problem, make the disposal process greener and easier for your customers. 

Greaseproof paper doesn’t have to be boring, either! Make your company stand out with custom branding on your paper and engage your customers with a vivid and striking design. 

Sustainable Sandwich Bags

We get it. Some sandwiches look so good — you want to show them off. Sandwich bags with plastic windows are perfect for displaying and protecting your food. But, hang on… plastic? That’s an environmental no-no, surely? 

Not anymore. Our sustainable brown sandwich bags feature a PLA window (Polylactic acid) derived from renewable, organic sources — like sugarcane or cornstarch. 

The PLA window is commercially compostable, and the paper bag can be recycled or composted at home. Available in 8” and 10” sizes, we’ve even got a compostable baguette bag and white glassine window bags too. 

Select Your Sandwich Packaging

When you’re choosing your packaging for sandwiches, it’s essential to think about the type of product you’re selling. For instance, toasties and paninis would benefit from our Hot Kraft Paper Bags — grease resistant and breathable to maintain freshness. Our Kraft paperboard tray is perfect for serving up ready-to-eat subs packed with scrumptious fillings. 

In the era of eco-consciousness, provide your customers with an easy, eco-friendly way to discard your sandwich packaging. By playing your part in protecting the planet, you’re helping others do their bit — investing in a greener future for the packaging industry. 

For more sustainable takeaway packaging, browse our range of hot and cold food containers to keep your food looking delicious and tasting fresh.