Eco-Friendly Hot Food Containers

Looking for eco-friendly hot food containers that can handle the heat? Our eco-friendly takeaway containers are the perfect solution! Keep your takeaway food fresh with our range of compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging for hot food.

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Best Selling Hot Food Containers

Check out our most popular hot food containers below. Choose from super-sustainable Kraft food packaging to eco-friendly food carriers and make your food business more eco-friendly.




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Eco Bowls & Lids

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Recyclable Bowls & Lids

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Bagasse BePulp Containers & Lids

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Bagasse Anti-Leak Containers & Lids

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Bagasse Clamshell and Tableware

Bagasse Clamshell & Tableware

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Fastpac Reusable Containers

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Pizza Boxes & Meal Boxes

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Food Carriers

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Set Your Brand to Sizzle with Custom Hot Food Packaging

Boost your hot food packaging with our customisable options. Whether you need hot food boxes for your restaurant, food truck or catering business, we’ve got you covered. Plus, with custom stickers available for smaller order quantities, adding your personal touch has never been easier. Get ready to turn up the heat on your branding!

Learn More about Our Hot Food Packaging

Made from super-sustainable materials like bagasse and unbleached Kraft board, our entire range of disposable hot food packaging is either compostable and biodegradable or recyclable. Pretty impressive, right? Your customers will love these hot food containers as they enjoy your culinary creations.

Our hot food takeaway containers are 100% food-grade and available in numerous styles and sizes. We’ve everything from pizza boxes and Kraftware to plastic-free clamshell containers so you can serve your takeaway food sustainably — no matter the cuisine, we’ve got the perfect hot food packaging for you.

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Hot Food Packaging for Eco-Friendly Takeaways

All of the materials we use to produce our hot food containers help protect the planet. Using strictly renewable and recycled resources, we’ve designed the ultimate eco-friendly packaging to help your business reduce its carbon footprint. With our hot food packaging products, you can give your customers a green takeaway experience. So how do we do it?

Using carefully selected and high–performance materials, we can offer durable containers for hot food that can withstand the heat. Our full range of bagasse containers are ideal for all kinds of hot and cold food and are available to buy with anti-leak lids to prevent spillages while keeping your takeaways fresh. They’re home-compostable and 100% biodegradable, making them the natural choice for your eco-conscious brand.

Our other sustainable material of choice is an unbleached Kraft board. The products in our Kraftware range are greaseproof, heat-resistant and ideal for various hot and cold dishes. They’re not just incredibly versatile; they’re also recyclable, home-compostable and completely biodegradable, giving your customers all the options to dispose of your packaging responsibly.

Get FREE Hot Food Packaging Samples

Not sure what kind of hot food packaging your business needs? Try our free sample packaging and get 10 packaging samples and see how your packaging selection works for your different dishes. It’s a great way to help you find the best containers for your cuisine before you order packaging in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Food Packaging

We’ve got a wide array of packaging suitable for numerous hot (and cold) applications. Our range of Kraftware is ideal for all kinds of hot food items, including burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, pizza slices, and much more. You can also use it for desserts, like warm brownies and hot puddings — or even just a slice of cake.

Yes, absolutely. This packaging is highly versatile. Many of the packaging products in this collection have a special coating on the inside made from PLA (polylactic acid) or PE (polyethylene). This coating creates an effective barrier against grease, oil and moisture, making packaging suitable for hot and cold food products.

Yes, but please check with your local authority to see if they’re recyclable at facilities in your area. Our bagasse packaging is made from plant-based materials that are naturally biodegradable — it’s designed to be single-use. While this means it isn’t suitable for recycling everywhere, it’s easy to dispose of responsibly. It can be composted commercially, or it can be disposed of in general waste. In both instances, it will decompose into organic compounds quickly, especially when compared to plastic-based packaging products.

You bet! Bagasse packaging is safe to reheat in the microwave, or in the oven up to 120ºC. We don’t recommend reheating food in traditional plastic takeaway containers as it can be unsafe, so if you’re looking for more reheatable packaging, check out our Fastpac reusable containers — they’re stackable, leakproof and fully recyclable!

Yes! Check out the branded packaging we’ve created for brands across the food service and hospitality industries. We print all of our packaging using water or vegetable-based inks so that it’s 100% safe for use with food. We can advise you on printing methods, design choices, packaging materials, unit quantities and more — get in touch for a free, no-obligation packaging quote.

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