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Pizza Boxes;   14″ Pizza Box (Internal Dimensions; 355 x 355 x 45mm)

Corrugated pizza boxes have become a staple product with takeaway or packaging companies, with the first patent being applied for in 1963.

We however have made our range with a few modern twists;

Food Grade; Here is the clever part, most cardboard pizza boxes use virgin Kraft paper on the outside and use the recycled paper (test paper is what it is called) on the inside. Test paper is more contaminated in nature, due to the various recycled boxes used to make the board.

We have flipped this around, putting the virgin kraft paper on the inside of the pizza box. This has two very big key advantages; we can give assurance that this is a Food Grade box that can come in direct contact with Food. Please ask us and we will provide all necessary certification to prove this. The second advantage is how it helps with Grease resistance.

 Much Better Grease Resistance; The natural kraft paper on the inside, has a much higher grease resistance. The tighter packed fibres in the paper make it a lot harder for the grease to penetrate the box.

Did you know that high grease absorption can mean some pizza boxes cannnot be recycled?

Well thanks to our research and modern twist these boxes CAN be Fully Recycled. But it doesn’t just stop there, 73% of our Pizza boxes are made from recycled paper in the first place.

FSC Sourced Paper; All the paper used in this product are from FSC sources, the recyclable content in our Pizza boxes is 73%.

Shrink Wrapped; Our Pizza boxes come bundled and shrink wrapped, that way we know that they are kept in a sealed, clean condition within our warehouse. This means that we have better control in keeping them in a controlled environment especially as they are a food grade product.

BRC Accreditation; Then top all this off we have a AA standard BRC accreditation, meaning both the manufacturing and storage facility are both up to a BRC standard.

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355 x 355 x 45mm

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FSC Corrugated Board (Made from 73% recycled board and fully recyclable)

End of life

Biodegradable, Recyclable, Home and Commercial Compostable (Full House)

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Food Grade Certificated Board