How to Make Your Fish and Chips Packaging Eco-Friendly

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Ah, fish and chips — the quintessential British seaside delight that conjures up images of sandy beaches, seagulls swooping overhead, and the comforting aroma of crispy battered fish. 

But let’s not forget the unsung hero of this culinary affair: the packaging that keeps our beloved dish hot, fresh, and ready for devouring. But, traditional packaging such as polystyrene containers and newspaper sheets aren’t particularly food safe or sustainable. 

As the UK’s leading eco-friendly supplier for takeaway packaging, we’d like to introduce you to the world of sustainable fish and chips packaging, where tradition meets innovation. Join us on this journey as we explore the practices shaping the industry, pay homage to the beloved British tradition, and discover how your sustainable fish and chip boxes could be making waves in the fish and chips scene.

A Few Problems with Traditional Fish and Chips Packaging

Conventional fish and chips packaging, while convenient, comes at an environmental cost. Polystyrene can take hundreds of years to break down, polluting our oceans and damaging marine life. Plastic cutlery, casually discarded after a single use, clogs landfills and lingers for centuries. And let’s not forget that greaseproof paper coated with silicone, which can’t be recycled and ends up in the landfill. 

With the single-use plastic ban looming, it’s time to reimagine fish and chips packaging and address the concerns from both an environmental standpoint and the customers’ desire for sustainable alternatives. Together, let’s embark on a journey towards greener, guilt-free fish and chips enjoyment!

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Eco-friendly Packaging for Fish and Chips — What Do I Need? 

Fish and chips shops and takeaway houses face unique challenges when it comes to choosing their packaging. One of the main hurdles is finding packaging that can maintain the crispy texture and warmth of the fish and chips while still being environmentally friendly.

Traditional packaging options, such as polystyrene trays, may excel in insulation but contribute to the growing plastic waste problem. Moreover, the industry’s reliance on single-use plastics, like plastic cutlery and condiment sachets, adds to the environmental impact. Another challenge is striking a balance between functionality and sustainability. Fish and chips packaging needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight and moisture of the food yet eco-friendly enough to meet customer demands for sustainable options and be easy to dispose of. 

Remember, the more simple, guilt-free and functional you make your fish and chip packaging, the more likely consumers will come back for repeat purchases. 

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Food Grade Fish and Chips Packaging

Food grade packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of our food. It goes beyond just preserving the freshness and flavour; it provides a barrier between the product and external contaminants, maintaining hygiene standards and preventing any potential health risks. Whether it’s fish and chips, burgers, or any other food item, using food-grade packaging is essential to protect consumers and meet regulatory requirements. 

Buying from Takeaway Packaging is a guarantee you’re complying with food-grade standards. We hold a Grade A certification from BRCGS (British Reputation Compliance Global Standards), validating our expertise in storing food grade and non-food grade packaging. We also have vast experience with stationery items for restaurant groups and contract packing for ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs.

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Implementing Eco-Friendly Fish and Chips Packaging

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Before you transition to sustainable fish and chips packaging, you’ll need to consider a few practical factors first.

Step 1: Conduct a packaging audit — start by conducting a thorough packaging audit to gain a clear understanding of your current packaging needs, materials, and processes. Assess the environmental impact of your existing packaging and identify areas for improvement. 

Step 2: Set achievable goals for transitioning to eco-friendly packaging — once you have a comprehensive understanding of your current packaging, set realistic and achievable goals for transitioning to eco-friendly alternatives. Consider whether it’s feasible to transition all your packaging at once or if a phased approach would be more practical. 

Step 3: Research and select appropriate eco-friendly packaging suppliers — conduct thorough research to identify and select reputable eco-friendly packaging suppliers. Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of sustainable packaging options tailored to your specific needs. Consider additional services they provide, such as fulfilment or inventory management, which could streamline your transition process.

Step 4: Obtaining feedback and continually improving your packaging practices — encourage feedback from both staff and customers regarding the new packaging. Listen to their experiences, suggestions, and concerns. Use this feedback to identify areas for improvement and refine your packaging practices. Look for innovative solutions and stay updated on emerging trends and technologies in eco-friendly packaging to ensure your practices remain at the forefront of sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions for Fish and Chips

As awareness grows about the environmental impact of single-use plastics, it’s becoming increasingly important to find sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or convenience. When we think of classic fast food, images of crispy fish and chips, juicy sausages or hot dogs, and mouthwatering burgers often come to mind. However, these delicious treats have long been associated with non-recyclable packaging materials. 

Let’s delve into the world of eco-friendly packaging options specifically tailored for fish and chips, hot dogs, and burgers. We’ll explore various alternatives such as compostable containers made from plant-based materials and innovative greaseproof, which improves recyclability for meal and pizza boxes

Eco-Friendly Greaseproof Paper

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At Takeaway Packaging, we use water or vegetable-based inks to create our printed greaseproof paper, ensuring that our packaging is food-safe, environmentally friendly and vividly coloured. 

One of the smartest features of our greaseproof paper is its absence of a silicone lining. Instead, it is made from natural, tightly woven fibres that repel water and oil. This innovative design ensures that the paper performs just as well as non-recyclable alternatives, offering you all the advantages without any of the environmental drawbacks. Made from 100% virgin pulp, it can be easily recycled or composted, whether through domestic or commercial channels. By choosing our packaging, you can actively contribute to the recycling loop and reduce waste.

Fish and Chips in Newspaper

What about an old classic, wrapping your fish and chips in newspaper? 

Well, this actually comes with a few drawbacks. The ink used in newspapers can contain harmful chemicals and pose a health risk when in contact with hot food. Importantly, newspaper is not designed for food contact and can raise concerns about hygiene and cross-contamination. Moreover, its porous nature fails to provide an effective barrier against moisture and grease, leading to leaks and a messy eating experience. Recycling newspapers mixed with food waste can complicate the recycling process. Considering these drawbacks, makes perfect sense to explore eco-friendly greaseproof paper as a viable alternative for food packaging — one that can ensure safety and minimises environmental harm.

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Fish and Chip Takeaway Boxes

To package your crispy and fresh delights ready for eco-consumption, you’ll need a suitable hot food container. Here are just a few forward-thinking options:

Bagasse Kraft Cardboard
New Natural Coloured Bagasse plates and burger boxes copy (1) Kraft Trays and Bagasse Trays copy Branded-Food-Box-and-Burger-Box-2-1
Bagasse-based packaging for fish and chips offers an eco-friendly packaging solution. Choose from compartmentalised boxes or anti-leak solutions. Made from sugarcane pulp, these boxes are 100% biodegradable and compostable, making them a popular choice among eco-conscious businesses as an alternative to polystyrene. Kraft packaging offers excellent resistance to oil, grease, and moisture. These robust boxes, trays and chip cups not only have a charming rustic appearance that complements the food but also provide protection from external elements with their lock-in tab lids. These boxes are completely recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. The premium design of our cardboard meal boxes offers convenience and functionality for fish and chips packaging. With a collapsible structure, they’re easy to store when not in use. The cleverly designed vents in the lid allow hot air to escape, preventing sogginess, while the fluted cardboard design provides insulation, keeping your fish and chips hot and fresh for an extended period.

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Paper Bags Napkins Biodegradable Cutlery
Coloured Grab Bags4 copy Napkins-450x300-1 Biodegradable Cutlery
Our grab bags are great for smaller takeaways, while our durable carry cases can handle fish and chip feasts for the whole family. Whether it’s a single battered sausage or an entire office lunch order, we’ve got you covered. Our range of paper bags and food carriers are suitable for home composting and are biodegradable.  Bring cleanliness and tidiness to your customers when indulging in your fantastic fish and chips with our range of eco-friendly napkins. There’s a wide array of colours available; our napkins allow you to maintain consistent branding without the need for a fully customised design.  To cater to your customer’s needs, we offer a range of biodegradable cutlery options, including forks, knives, and spoons. These can be conveniently purchased individually or as complete cutlery sets, providing versatility and eco-friendly choices for your dining experience.

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Case Study: Shoal Fish and Chips Packaging

Shoal Fish & Chip Bag 2 copy

Shoal in Winchester came to us needing customised twisted-handle paper bags and specialised fish and chip boxes to keep their tasty fish and chips in prime condition for their customers. 

Shoal is a vibrant and trendy seafood restaurant located in the heart of Winchester, with a focus on serving fresh and sustainable seafood. The menu features a diverse selection of dishes inspired by coastal cuisine, showcasing the best of local and seasonal ingredients. Using ethically and responsibly sourced fish, Shoal wanted to extend their commitment to sustainability by investing in eco-friendly fish and chips packaging. 

Our twisted-handle paper bags are made from 80% recycled materials and are completely compostable after use. We’ve revolutionised the traditional cardboard pizza box design by using virgin Kraft paper on the inside of our fish and chip boxes. This approach ensures that our boxes are food grade and safe for direct contact with food. Plus, this design enhances grease resistance, as the tighter-packed fibres in the paper make it a lot harder for the grease to penetrate the box. 

Offsetting dark blue on white is a simple way of making contrasting colours stand out. The tails of the fish combined with coral and seaweed floating between gives a natural feel — a nice reference to Shoal’s dedication to selecting responsibly-sourced and seasonal fish. 

Custom branding like this is a worthwhile investment as it advertises your product, which will drive sales. Spread the word through compelling designs, solidifying brand consistency and tempting new customers to buy from you. 

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Order Fish and Chips Packaging with Us!

Choosing Takeaway Packaging for your fish and chips packaging needs brings numerous advantages. We prioritise sustainability (we’re even carbon-neutral!) by offering a wide range of eco-friendly options made from renewable and biodegradable materials, reducing environmental impact. 

Our packaging is certified as food grade, ensuring the highest safety and hygiene standards. We also provide customisation options to promote your brand’s identity. With versatile packaging solutions for various portion sizes, we guarantee the freshness and presentation of your fish and chips. Our reliable and efficient service ensures prompt next-day delivery, allowing you to focus on serving delicious meals to your customers. 

Make a sustainable choice with Takeaway Packaging and elevate the dining experience with our high-quality, environmentally friendly fish and chips packaging.

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