Bagassee Sushi Tray

Bagasse Sushi Tray


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Bagasse Tray

These containers can be used for hot and cold food, however they are perfect for sushi! These Trays are made out of sugarcane pulp which is an amazing eco friendly alternative to other containers. The solution is ideal for street food traders and caterers serving food-to-go options such as noodles, pastas, curries, burritos, salads. We have two pulp bowl options, one is the round bowl as shown here and then we also have the square bowl which you can find the “you may also like…” section below.

Sugarcane Pulp Material

Sugarcane bagasse is the fiber that remains after the sugars have been extracted. As an agro-industrial residue, sugarcane bagasse (Saccharum officinarum) is another source of lignin raw material. … Chemicalcomposition of sugarcane bagasse is similar to the other plant cell walls.

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