Keep the Kids Entertained with Kids Activity Packs

Kids Activity Packs

As caregivers, we can’t always be there to entertain our kids. Sometimes we’re busy working, or we’re out for a nice meal, or we just want to relax.

“I’m bored.”

You’ve heard it a thousand times over, it’s probably the most common complaint you’ll hear as a parent. It’s true, and kids need a lot of stimulation. A study has shown that children have higher energy levels than well-trained endurance athletes. 

It’s normal for children of all ages to have boundless energy. They don’t just burn physical energy, however. A study found that a child’s brain consumes 43% of all energy used by the body. There’s a lot of learning going on there. 

So How Do We Keep Them Entertained? 

Giving them your smartphone and tablet might be the easy solution and engross them for hours, but it offers little mental stimulation. The blue light emitted from screens can be harmful to children’s eyes, cause sleep problems and headaches. 

There are much better ways to keep your kid busy and inspire creativity in the process.  

Kids Activity Packs

An activity pack is a perfect way to keep your kids occupied — inspiring attention to detail and encouraging an active brain. Puzzles help kids develop problem-solving skills and improve memory. 

Colouring and artistic activities allow for exploration and experimentation — honing motor skills and even maths from sizes, shapes and spatial reasoning. 

Activity packs for kids introduce challenges but enough variety to satisfy a child’s relentless curiosity. 

We’ll look more closely at how an activity pack can engage your kid and contribute to their development.

The Educational Benefits of Kids Activity Packs

Activity packs offer multiple learning benefits, such as exercising your kid’s mind with new cognitive challenges.

They’re so educational that the University of Southampton has sent nearly 14,000 activity packs to thousands of low-income families during the pandemic. This was a lifeline for families when schools were closed, and other organisations have followed suit. 

Here are a few reasons how activity packs can promote intellectual development in your child: 

Improves Cognitive Skills 

Through activity packs and books, kids can learn to recognise colours, shapes, numbers and letters. Colouring can teach kids about keeping within the lines of the drawing and observing different patterns. This can enhance their understanding of boundaries and spatial awareness. 

Depending on the type of activity pack, kids can practise other skills such as word formation and basic maths. Most kids’ activity packs contain puzzles, which allows your child to acquire problem-solving skills – essential for their development into adulthood. 

As kids tend to have a lot of energy, staying still and concentrating is not something that comes naturally. Offering your child an activity pack encourages them to focus and improve their concentration, keeping them absorbed. 

Using an activity pack may also prepare your kid for school, so they get used to their homework on paper and various materials and skills they’ll use in the classroom.

Motor Skills Development 

Children develop their motor skills as they get older. Simple actions are difficult at first, but they’ll develop these skills quicker if they’re using a crayon or pencil and focusing on their movements.

Colouring also aids hand-eye coordination, where children learn to colour in the lines, think about the colours they’re applying and adjust their hand movements. Practising colouring can promote good handwriting and increased dexterity in future. 

Emotional Development

When a child is stressed or unhappy, an activity pack can provide an opportunity to be distracted from their frustration. This helps a child work through their emotions in a positive way. 

In addition, completing an activity pack will give your child a sense of accomplishment, inspiring them to take on more challenges and improve their self-esteem. 

Where Can I Buy Activity Packs for My Kids? 

There are many places you can buy activity packs for your kids, but ours both look better and are better for the environment than a plastic bag

Takeaway Packaging offers a fun collection of activity packs. Each bag is made of recycled paper with a high-quality print, containing a multi-coloured crayon, themed activity book and different games to play with. 


Suitable for four years and older, these activity bags for kids are supplied in a box of 100 units. They are a mix of different designs, so there’s bound to be one that appeals to your children. With a whole variety to choose from, we also include easy-to-dispense counter display trays for retailers.

Should You Use Activity Packs for Kids?

Activity packs are an affordable way to keep the children entertained and are portable while travelling. Whether your customers are dining at your restaurant, or at home enjoying your takeaway, an activity pack can be the perfect way to stimulate and occupy children simultaneously. When the kids are engaged with colouring or problem-solving, they are far less likely to pester for attention or entertainment. 

Allow your customers to feel more relaxed on family outings, so they don’t have to amuse their kids constantly. Plus, why not encourage their mental development with a fun and engaging activity pack at the same time. 

Like this idea? Check out our kids’ activity packs packaged in high-quality recycled bags to lessen your customer’s stressin’.