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Our kid’s activity lunch bags are a great addition to any coffee shop or restaurant.  They can be used to keep the little ones entertained while your diners eat in, but they can also be used as an exciting takeaway lunch bag, with room to pop a sandwich and some snacks inside.

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Families who dine out with young children know how stressful it can be. But if you can help by making the experience in your restaurant easier for the parents or guardians, you will gain their undivided loyalty for years to come!

How do you do this? 

Simple. By occupying and entertaining the children! If you can help families have an enjoyable experience in your restaurant, then there is a good chance that they will come back again and again. Did you know that children are a huge factor as to where families dine? Yes, the children themselves can influence where the family eat! 

So, how can we help? 

Our parent company Packme Ltd are experts at creating children’s activity packs, and things that keep children entertained or busy, when families are dining out, or traveling.  This means we now have a popular range of eco-friendly activity bags available off-the-shelf or we can create your very own bespoke pack, just like we have done for hundreds of well known brands such as Brains Brewery, The Rainforest Cafe and TIGI Friday’s.

Each pack is tailored to the individual business. We can create new characters and themes from scratch or follow an existing brand theme.  We do it all, from initial designs, to the finished article. 

What makes a good children’s pack? 

A good pack will keep the children entertained for around 20-40 minutes and the more involved ones can last up to an hour. Those latter packs will have to contain more than just a book and pencils. If you have a booklet, stacker crayon, stickers, games, toys and maybe even a hat you will have your young customers coming back again and again. 

How does a good children’s pack keep families wanting more? 

If the whole family can find a restaurant that makes everyone happy then you will have their loyalty for life. Let us be completely honest; you want repeat business, don’t you! Not just ‘one off’ dining. A children’s pack is a huge factor in a family’s dining experience, and if they enjoy their time with you, they will always come back for more. Just think for a moment, is a few pence spent on children worth doing to boost your business? If you do not have a children’s pack in your restaurant or waiting area or even on your trains or planes, then you are missing out on a simple trick to keep your customers wanting more!