4 Awesome & Inspiring Packaging Ideas

Many people think that the Takeaway Packaging custom design team are actually genius wizards.

But this isn’t true.

We’re just normal people who like normal things and who are fanatical about packaging.

You see, we know amazing takeaway packaging when we see it and helping our customers to serve their great-tasting food in great-looking packaging is what we do best.

To design awesome drinks cups, you need creative juices.

To design superb noodle boxes, you’ve got to have creative edge.

To ensure we’ve got our finger on the takeaway packaging pulse, we always look to other fantastic examples for our inspiration.

What follows is a roundup of some highly creative packaging that we love and we explore what makes them so special.

Packaging Ideas

Menu Packaging

Printing your entire takeaway food menu on your packaging not only looks cool but it’s also very shrewd.

Lots of printed text works really well on takeaway packaging as it harks back to the bygone era of when our fish and chips were wrapped up in a few sheets of the Daily Mail!

In addition to looking good and fondly reminding us of the old days, the packaging keeps on giving by advertising after the purchase has been made.

Anyone taking their food back to their desk for a working lunch will likely use the packaging as plate and continue to glance at other options they can have next time.

What’s more, if they love what they’re eating you can guarantee they’ll be planning tomorrow’s lunch using the menu!

awesome packaging ideas

Seriously Green

There’s green and then there’s seriously green

This Slovakian-designed biodegradable food bowl looks great with its modest, rustic appearance.

The simplicity of the design and dingy colour of the packaging means that colourful foods like salads will look amazing in contrast.

Once finished, customers peel off the label to reveal the hidden seeds, fill the packaging with some soil and place it in the ground with the seeds, not forgetting to drop in some water.

In about a week the bowl will have turned to dust but your little herbs should be flourishing!

Eat your food, grow a plant, save a planet – you’ll actually end up with more from your packaging than what you started with!

That’s properly eco!

eco-friendly packaging ideas

Food Packaging

We absolutely adore these fruity fruit juice cartons and they’ve given us so many ideas for other ideas we could create from this concept.

It’s bright, original, fun and bound to create intrigue, grabbing the attention of those that see it.

We also love the fact that the packaging is really ‘meta’ and the concept of takeaway packaging being self-referential is sure to create humour and standout among competitors.

Less thinking outside the box, and more thinking inside the box!

Awesome food packaging

Functional Packaging

A prudent approach to packaging design is one that’s functional and helpful to your customers.

In a society where time is short and time is money, time for eating seems to be diminishing.

This is great for takeaway food vendors who serve the busiest people every day, but sometimes time is just so short that there isn’t time to stop what you’re doing.

Here’s one solution that might give you a few ideas… 

(NB, this kinda didn’t take off…):

Want Q-Tips?

Unlike most people in the UK, we love queues.

Queues mean that your takeaway food is in demand.

With high demand come high expectations.

Consider what’s special about your business, your brand, your culture.

Does your takeaway packaging convey this?

If your queues aren’t as long as you would like them to be, we can help!

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