Increasing Brand Awareness with Printed Paper Cups

Printed paper cups are probably one of the best and most visible ways to market and reinforce a brand.
Printed Paper Cups
Eat, Drink And Be Printed Paper Cup

Whilst the catering and food industry makes up the majority of market users, Takeaway Packaging are finding that other business sectors, such as car dealerships, tourist attractions and even banks are looking toward  printed paper cups as a method of brand endorsement.

Printed coffee cups are a cost effective marketing tool and are a fraction of the cost of other branded promotional merchandise. Minimum order quantities are as low as 1000 units, meaning that they are also a very accessible and affordable for the smaller user.

Sleeves are another application that can be branded and use in conjunction with unbranded paper cups, allowing businesses to have a range of advertising or promotions to suit their needs.

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