Raising the Bar: Takeaway Packaging for Trendsetting Pubs

The humble pub is changing. Until recently, pubs have been widely used as social establishments where friends and family meet after work and chat over a pint or two. However, we’re now seeing more restaurants focusing on the food aspect of their menu, and the punters are loving it. 

It’s easy to see why gastropubs are popular as there’s nothing quite as comforting as a traditional pub meal. From pies with deliciously buttery crusts to battered fish with those perfectly chunky chips, pub food is the perfect combo of a special treat and homely goodness.  

With the rise in pubs offering meals, it should come as no surprise that takeaways are becoming commonplace, too. More pubs are adapting to the modern need for on-the-go options, making delicious pub meals more accessible than ever.

In this blog, we’ll look into the emerging trend of takeaway pub meals and the pivotal role innovative packaging plays in ensuring the essence of pub dining remains intact, even when enjoyed outside the four walls of the local.

Rise of Takeaway and Delivery Services in the Pub Industry

Pubs have evolved to be more than just alehouses, and the time of the gastropub is well and truly upon us. Your locals are now award-winning Indian restaurants, stonebaked pizza joints and delicious fish and chip shops. Menus are diverse, and in some cases, rival even the fanciest Michelin-star restaurants. 

Covid saw another exciting development for the pub scene, with pubs forced to focus on takeout to stay afloat in a time of uncertainty. For many, serving takeaway was the only way to survive when pubs and restaurants were forced to close their doors. Patrons loved being able to continue eating their favourite pub meals, and, according to a study conducted post-pandemic, 19% of Brits tried takeaway from pubs that previously only offered eat-in services. 

Once restrictions were lifted, many establishments continued to offer delivery and takeaway, which unlocked a new kind of takeout for the nation.

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Key Considerations for Takeaway Packaging in Pubs

Of course, this newfound popularity for takeaway pub food brings forth a new challenge — packaging. Not only is it crucial to find the correct option to ensure the food arrives safely and ready to enjoy, but it’s also important that your packaging showcases your establishment. Here are some key considerations for takeaway packaging for pubs:

Keeping food safe and fresh during transit

Ensuring pub meals stay delicious and hot during their journey from the establishment to the customer’s doorstep is highly important. The challenge lies in choosing solutions that can preserve the warmth of pies and the crispness of chips and keep soups and curries spill-free. 

Balancing sustainability with practicality

Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of many customers’ minds, so it’s vital to opt for sustainable materials that retain functionality and practicality. Choose hot food containers made from recyclable or biodegradable materials such as Kraftware or Bagasse and utensils that can be composted. Not only will you be making the world a better place, but you’ll also be adhering to the Single-Use Plastic Packaging Ban.

Branding and visual appeal: Creating a memorable experience

Aside from getting your food to where it needs to be, your pub food packaging is also an extension of your brand. Your packaging should showcase your establishment’s identity; whether you choose branded packaging to proudly showcase your logo on the front of your paper bags or unique slogan on your food carriers, these design elements should echo the pub’s atmosphere. Creating a visually appealing and cohesive packaging experience can drive brand recognition and customer loyalty and increase sales as a result.

Sustainable Pub Takeaway Packaging Solutions

At Takeaway Packaging, we understand the evolving needs of your pub in the modern dining landscape. That’s why we’ve crafted a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions to ensure that your delicious meals reach your customers hot and ready to enjoy. 




If you’re running a traditional pub that offers a selection of classic dishes, our range of Kraftware serves the ideal solution. Tear-resistant, leak-proof and resilient to grease and oil, your meals will get from pub to table (or sofa) in perfect condition.

We have boxes for juicy burgers and the nation’s favourite fish and chips, trays for nachos and cheesy chips and even cake boxes for your signature desserts. 

Made from eco-friendly virgin Kraft board, the options in our range are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable — giving your customers plenty of ways to dispose of the packaging responsibly. 

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Bagasse Clamshell and Tableware


Bagasse Clamshell packaging is a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene burger boxes. Unlike plastic, Bagasse provides you and your customers with guilt-free disposal as it rapidly degrades.

Our range of Bagasse Clamshell containers includes plates, meal boxes (with and without compartments) and burger boxes, all designed with functionality and the environment in mind.

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Bagasse Anti-Leak Containers and Lids


If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to plastic packaging for serving saucy meals, look no further than our range of Bagasse Anti-Leak Containers.

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round bowls, perfect for soups and rectangular options, which are great for curries, these containers can accommodate just about any wet or oily food with no leakage involved.

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Eco Bowls and Lids


Whether you’re dishing up side orders of curry sauce, mushy peas or the soup of the day to go, our eco bowls and lids are more than up to the challenge.

With options made from sustainable Kraft board and featuring plastic-free PLA linings, these are great for hot, cold, dry and wet food.

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Pizza Boxes


If your establishment has chosen to make pizza their trademark dish, you’ll need a quality packaging solution that’s up to the task. 

Made with Kraft paper linings, our cardboard pizza boxes have high grease resistance and boast steam holes to help prevent sogginess. With our pizza boxes, you’ll be sure to serve up freshness and flavour every time.

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Food Boxes and Carriers

Whether you’re dishing up family feasts or a selection of tasty tapas, our range of food boxes and carriers is on hand to help you deliver. These food carriers have sturdy handles and robust Kraft board constructions, perfect for keeping contents fresh and delicious. 

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Paper Bags


Our range of recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper bags offers a reliable solution for delivering your tasty feasts.

From twisted handle paper bags with reinforced handles for large orders to grab bags for smaller treats and affordable SOS Kraft paper bags, we have contemporary and eco-friendly options for your tasty pub grub.

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Biodegradable Cutlery

After utensils that provide the strength and sturdiness needed for hot and cold foods without compromising sustainability? We’ve got just what you need in our biodegradable cutlery range.

Unlike flimsy plastic, our wooden cutlery is stronger and more robust, meaning there will be no more broken utensils whilst your customers enjoy their delicious meals.

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Biodegradable Straws


Whether you’re offering cocktails to go or decadent milkshakes, our biodegradable straws are a must-have for any pub.

We have paper straws in a range of vibrant colours, which are ideal for all your cold beverages, and sturdy options made from PLA bioplastic. 

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For more practical and sustainable solutions for your pub, take a look at our online shop.

Branded Packaging for Your Trendsetting Pub

Ready to step up your packaging game? Showcase your brand front and centre and turn your packaging into a walking A board with our branded packaging service.

Customised packaging is the perfect way to stand out as a trendsetting pub, and did we also mention that it’s great for boosting brand recognition and fostering customer loyalty too? Plus, with our eco-friendly printing practices using vegetable or water-based inks, you won’t have to compromise on sustainability.

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