Branded Packaging for Busy Bakehouse in the Heart of Edinburgh

Who are Mór Bakehouse?

Mór Bakehouse is a bakery, deli and coffee shop, based in the heart of Edinburgh. With 3 deli’s around the city, this bakery pride themselves on their homemade pasties, pies, sausage rolls and freshly made wraps and baguettes, and we’ve heard they take their coffee pretty seriously too – serving their own artisan blend from local coffee roasters.

What Packaging Does a Deli & Bakery Need?

With a diverse range of food and drink available for takeaway and delivery services like Deliveroo and Just Eat – Mór Bakehouse need a variety of packaging to keep their food fresh and easy to eat from while on the go.  Let’s dive in and take a look:

Coffee Cups:

Coffee Cups are a given essential for any coffee shop, choosing to brand them is a clever, low cost way to introduce branded packaging to your business.  Ordering is easy, delivery is fast and the quality of our sustainable cups is second to none.

White or black eco-friendly lids can be chosen to blend in with any style.

Greaseproof Paper:

Mór Bakehouse use branded greaseproof paper to line trays for sweet and savory delights and to wrap other other items for takeout like toasties, burgers and muffins!

Branded greaseproof paper is another fast and effective way to showcase your brand both in store and when selling take-outs.
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Branded stickers can be used to unify your off the shelf packaging and are often a great starting point for small businesses looking to implement branded items.  

Stickers are so versatile, they can be applied to cups, bowls, sandwich bags, takeout bags and food containers.
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Greaseproof Bags

Greaseproof bags are a convenient way to dish up freshly baked goods, hot pasties or warm baguettes.

Minimum order quantities are higher than the products above but these are cost-effective when ordered in bulk and are a great marketing tool for your business.

Kraft Bowls

Kraft bowls are perfect for serving up Mór Bakehouse’s selection of fresh and healthy pasta and salads.  

Kraft bowls look stylish on their own, but even better printed with the Mór Bakehouse logo, which ties in with the rest of their takeaway packaging perfectly.
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How Takeaway Packaging Has Helped Mór Bakehouse

Mór Bakehouse approached us about a year ago looking for some branded packaging. We gave them competitive prices and fast delivery on eco-friendly products like branded paper cups and printed greaseproof paper.  

We now supply a whole range of branded and non-branded packaging and have been able to meet the needs of their growing business.  

At Takeaway Packaging we offer a broad spectrum of low cost, low volume branded options, a wide range of keenly priced off the shelf packaging and competitive unit costs for high-volume branded food and drink packaging.

Takeaway Packaging are the best in the business they have assisted us with all of our packaging needs at Mor Bakehouse, I would highly recommend their team to all business owners – JM Mór Bakehouse