Our Top 10 Facts About Ice Cream

Following on from our favourite ice cream parlours in London, check out our top 10 facts about ice cream!

1. Ben & Jerry’s employees get to take 3 tubs of ice cream home with them every single day.

2. The UK is the tenth largest consumer of ice cream, with an average of 7 litres per person per year.

3. The 20th of July is National Ice Cream Day

4. In 2014, Joey Chestnut won the 2014 World Ice-Cream Eating Championship, eating 15 pints in six minutes.

5. The average dairy cow will produce enough milk in their lifetime to make over 9000 gallons of ice cream.

6. In 1988, the biggest ever ice cream sundae was made in Canada. It weighed over 24 tonnes.

7. The Italian word ‘gelato’ means ‘frozen’ or ‘to freeze’.

8. One third of ice cream bought globally is consumed in China.

9. The UK spends over £1.1 billion on ice cream each year!

10. Vanilla is the most popular flavour of ice cream

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