UK Coffee Week 16-22 April

What is UK Coffee Week?
UK Coffee Week is a national celebration of coffee that aims to unite the industry for a good cause.

This year, UK Coffee Week is raising money for a new project in Ethiopia. All funds raised during this week will go directly to Project Waterfall.

Project Waterfall is an initiative established to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world.

How to get involved
You can donate to the cause here. Visit UK Coffee Week for more information about getting involved.

In the UK, we drink on average 95 million cups of coffee – every day!

Our mission this Coffee Week is to inspire our customers to switch over to PLA Coffee Cups. These cups are great for takeaway coffee, and don’t harm the environment. You can dispose of PLA paper cups but putting them in your recycling. Even if they end up in landfill, PLA cups still prove less harmful to the environment than standard coffee cups. And you can brand them! Read all about our design services here.

Interested in branding your own compostable paper cups? Get in touch with us for a full consultation.

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