Printed Paper Cups

bespoke designs tailored just for you

All products produced by Takeaway Packaging are safe for use with food and stored in a sanitary environment.

Branding your paper cups is a visually appealing way to promote your business and a fraction of the cost of other forms of branded packaging. We offer a comprehensive range of paper cups with different features and functions, including double wall, ripple and compostable. Our paper cups are available from as little as 1,000 units.

Various Styles & Sizes

Cups sizes available from 4oz to 32oz and we also supply stirrers, cup sleeves and lids.

In-House Design

Takeaway Packaging’s design team can create your artwork to your specifications.

Storage & Distribution

Once the manufacturing is completed, Takeaway Packaging can store and distribute on call-off for next day delivery.

Create your own design

Single Wall Paper Cup

Single Wall Cup

Single Wall cups are created using single layer paperboard. These cups are best suited to cold drinks, but they can also be used for hot beverages. When using with hot beverages, we recommend providing customers with additional sleeves.

Double Wall Coffee Cup

Double Wall Cup

A Double Wall structured cup incorporates two layers of paperboard to provide additional insulation. Opting for a double wall cup reduces the need for a sleeve when serving customers their hot drinks – hence why these are the most popular and cost-efficient form of paper cup.

Takeaway Ripple Cup

Ripple Cup

A ripple paper cup offers a high level of insulation, which keeps drink hot for a long period of time. The outer ripple layer of cardboard also ensures that fingers are not scolded when the drink is being consumed. The ripple (heatwave) style is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Compostable Cup - Cobbs Farm

Compostable Cup

With more brands striving to be environmentally conscious, the compostable cup is without doubt the right choice for you. These paper coffee cups are manufactured in either single or double wall and lined with PLA, meaning that they are completely compostable/recyclable. It is often thought that standard paper coffee cups can be recycled but due to their PE lining this is not the case, in fact they can only be recycled by specialized facilities.

Takeaway Double PE Cup

Double PE Cup

Double PE cups have a PE coating on the inside and out which gives a glossy finish to the outside. These cups are best suited to cold beverages as normally with cold drinks, condensation will form, making the cup soft from all the moisture. The internal PE coating prevents liquid soaking through the wall, whilst the glossy external coating prevents condensation from making the outside of the cup moist.

Black Coffee Cup Lid


Takeaway Packaging supply a variety of lids that are tested to ensure they are the perfect fit for the large range of cups we produce. Our coffee cup sip through lids have a re-closable drinking aperture and are marked with ‘caution contents hot’ warning as a standard feature. We also supply straw slot lids and domed for PET cups


All of your cups can be printed in full colour using vegetable based inks and we use the highest resolution possible to ensure the artwork on your branded cups stands out. Our design team can create professional artwork for your business or work with your existing logos and designs.

Stock Products

Takeaway Packaging hold in stock a range of paper cups, available for next day delivery. We also supply stirrers, lids and cup sleeves.


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