Create Personalised Takeaway Coffee Cups

Use our custom cup builder and in-house design team to create bespoke coffee cups for your business

Never sacrifice style in the face of sustainability. Using our custom cup builder, you can print personalised company designs on premium paper cups so you can boast eco-friendly products with an edge. In the age of transparency, brands need to take a diligent yet design-led approach to product development. At Takeaway Packaging, we help you to fulfil this tough brief with sustainable products boasting personalised designs.

Size Matters

Choose cups ranging from 4oz-32ozs depending on your desired caffeine kick! We can offer consistency across your coffee cup range, ensuring even nano espresso coffee cups can convey company branding.

Style Support

Not sure how to convey your brand message? Allow our in-house design team to help create artwork to your specifications. You make it personal. We make it personalised.

Fulfilled by Us

You only need to go through the process once. After that, we’ll store and distribute your personalised takeaway coffee cups. Design doesn’t always equal delays — you can request next-day delivery on in-stock personalised cups.

Create Your Own Personalised Coffee Cup Design

Use our custom cup builder to place images on a mock-up takeaway coffee cup instantly. Whether you want to insert your strapline, logo or company details, you can preview the design before making any commitments. Happy with your design? Fill in your business details to get personalised takeaway coffee cups to your door.

File Upload: Our preferred format is a JPEG at 72 DPI, with a maximum size of 5,000px wide x 5,000px high.  The file size should not exceed 50MB.  If you experience any problems uploading your file, please try reduce it’s size or email the details to us  [email protected]


Single Wall Paper Cup

Single Wall Cup

Made of single-layer paperboard, these cups are best suited to cold drinks. If serving hot drinks, we recommend pairing with a coffee cup sleeve as well as a cautionary message. Simple but effective, these affordable takeaway coffee cups are a popular product choice.

Double Wall Coffee Cup

Double Wall Cup

These substantial bespoke coffee cups use a double paperboard effect for maximum insulation and support. These are our bestselling cups due to their cost-efficiency and happiness boosting benefits. Customers never need a sleeve for hand protection — plus personalised designs appear bold and bright against the white upper and lower rims.

Takeaway Ripple Cup

Ripple Cup

Make your customer’s coffee last with these ripple-style takeaway coffee cups. Ripple designs are implemented for greater insulation, ensuring hot drinks keep their temperature during long and arduous journeys. Monday mornings have never tasted so good with ripple cups to hand.

Compostable Cup - Cobbs Farm

Compostable Cup

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Show off your pledge to sustainability by opting for this organic look. These personalised coffee cups are compostable and recyclable, making them the perfect choice for planet-friendly firms.

Takeaway Double PE Cup

Double PE Cups

Smoothie sellers and milkshake makers, rejoice. These PE lined bespoke coffee cups are perfect for cold beverages. The internal coating prevents liquid from soaking through the wall and avoids condensation, ensuring your customers can indulge without worry.

Black Coffee Cup Lid

Coffee Cup Lids

Give your personalised takeaway coffee cup that finishing touch. Unlike other lids, ours have several handy features that instantly enhance a buyer’s experience. Marked with “caution contents hot” as standard, your customers will never blame you for a burnt tongue. These lids also have a re-closeable drinking aperture to keep germs and heat-loss at bay.


All of your cups can be printed in full colour using vegetable based inks and we use the highest resolution possible to ensure the artwork on your branded cups stands out. Our design team can create professional artwork for your business or work with your existing logos and designs.

Stock Products

Takeaway Packaging hold in stock a range of paper cups, available for next day delivery. We also supply stirrers, lids and cup sleeves. Get in touch to find out more.


You’re one step away from achieving effortless sustainability and impeccable style. Contact us to make a design enquiry.
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