Make Your Packaging a Social Media Sensation

With over a billion users, one of the most popular categories on Youtube is ‘unboxing’ videos!

People videoing themselves unboxing products while narrating what’s happening is nothing short of an internet phenomenon.

Viewers around the world can’t get enough of watching their favorite hosts, often via a live stream, building excitement and hype while showing off popular products and their cool features.

So what is it about the joy of watching someone else’s reaction as they open up and unbox a shiny new product?

social media reaction

Is it purely the thrill of the new item?

Perhaps the unrehearsed reaction of the host as it happens in front of your eyes and theirs?

We can’t be certain, but what’s certainly true is that capturing the unboxing brings a unique theatre to buying something that precedes the enjoyment of the product itself by drawing out the purchasing process.

Because of this new obsession, the attention given to the way that brands box and package their products has never been greater.

Apple products feature greatly in the unboxing world with hosts and viewers taking great delight in how perfectly Apple products are presented with neatly prepared electrical cables and perfectly snug compartments.

social media sharing
social media packaging

On top of that, Apple products are often very expensive so the unboxing of the latest iPhone or computer is one step closer to the real thing for many who are yet to get their hands on one!

These widely-shared experiences are often enjoyed in realtime and, though one of the largest categories, they’re not limited to expensive tech products.

The famous YouTube vlogger and gamer, PewDiePie (now enjoying over 61 million subscribers!) posted a video of him unboxing the “50 million subscribers” gift from YouTube.

This allowed the very same viewers that helped to contribute to the receipt the package – through following his channel – to also take part in the unboxing of it.

(Warning: video contains strong language)

The same hype, buzz and expectation around the unboxing of the latest product can also be achieved with takeaway packaging.

Nowadays customers are more aware of the other aspects of their food besides how great it tastes.

It’s important to know what’s inside it, where it’s from and what makes it different.

Takeaway food packaging is no different; your customers are aware and will take note of how your food is presented to them, so it’s important to get this right.

Feed (sorry) your customer’s desire for excitement by ensuring your packaging is sharp.

What does your packaging say about you?

Ask yourself if the packaging stands up to the food it contains.

Fresh food deserves fresh packaging designs that can be enjoyed in tandem.

But here’s where it gets really good…

Our beloved internet is full of curious little crazes and phenomenons, on the one hand there’s the unboxing craze, and on the other there’s a huge appetite (sorry again) for sharing food photos.

social media sensation

This is amazing news for takeaway food vendors because if the packaging looks great and is worthy of sharing, as well as the food, then it’s destined to become a viral internet sensation as it ticks both boxes – a double whammy!

Do this successfully and you’ll soon become part of the unboxing mania, which is exactly what marketers dream about: customers sharing their experiences and doing your advertising for free!

Not sure how to make your packaging epic and worthy of a live streamed unboxing?

Get in touch with our packaging design gurus who will be thrilled to talk to you about our fully custom design service.