Iceland pledges the removal of plastic from food packaging by 2023

Dedicated supermarket chain Iceland is set to become the first major retailer in the U.K to remove all plastic food packaging from their stores by 2023. An estimated one million tonnes of plastic waste is generated by supermarkets alone in the U.K each year.

According to Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker, with new technologies in place, there is “no excuse” for retailers to create excessive amounts of harmful packaging. We could not agree more.

Other Supermarkets

Tesco is also planning to make all of its packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025, with hopes of reducing packaging weight by a half.

Sainsbury’s aspire to reduce its own branded packaging by a half come 2020.

By 2020, Aldi’s pulp based packaging material will be made from recycled material and/or sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

Asda has reduced packaging weight by almost 30% since 2007.

Our approach to packaging is changing. We aim to provide all of our existing and prospective clients with alternatives to standard, non-environmentally friendly packaging. We are fully aware of the damaging effects takeaway packaging has on our environment, so, let’s do something about it.

Many of our customers have started to explore eco-friendly solutions, we are encouraging them to switch to paper and PLA products – which although are single use, are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. There are many forms of takeaway packaging which can be produced in these materials, coffee cups, carrier bags, straws and food boxes to name a few.

We are offering full consultations to anyone looking to change over to compostable packaging – it really is the way forward. Send us a message to receive a unique quote, you can view our range of products available here.

Why not try out our ‘Fancy Product Designers’ and get a real feel for how your food packaging will look. Need help with artwork? Our in-house design studio can assist you with all of your requirements.

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