Eco-Friendly Food Packaging and Custom Designs

Ready to start saving the planet? Our diverse range of biodegradable food packaging is helping street food vendors and independent foodies to protect the environment.

A third of consumers are now actively purchasing from brands that are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact, so don’t lose business to more eco-conscious competitors.

Bespoke Food Packaging That Protects the Environment

Why not increase your brand awareness and show off your sustainable style with a custom design? Food packaging can sometimes be an afterthought, but you have a lot to gain with our eco-friendly designs, specially created with the help of our in-house design team.

Cobbs Cup - Takeaway Cups

Printed Paper Cups

Our range of paper cups will be branded and manufactured to your specification

Classic Bella Italia Ice Cream Tub

Ice Cream Tubs

Classic scoop tubs and spoons in lid tubs, created to your size and design

SOS Tape Handle Bag & Patch Handle Bag

Printed Bags

Takeaway Packaging produce branded bags in a variety of styles and materials

Large Soup Pot

 Printed Soup Cups

Soup pots are available from 8oz to 32oz and will be printed to your requirements

Variety Of Napkins With Slice Of Cake

Printed Napkins

Takeaway Packaging supply printed napkins in a variety of sizes, styles and qualities

Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof Paper

Printed grease proof paper manufactured to the size and quality required

Noodle Boxes

Variety of noodle boxes available, add your design to the large printable area


 Printed Straws

Classic straws, bendy straws, cocktail straws, Takeaway Packaging can brand them all


Chopsticks enclosed within a paper sleeve, branded with your artwork


Takeaway Boxes

Variety of takeaway boxes available, add your design to the large printable area


Smoothie Cups

Our Smoothie cups are made from heavy weight clear PET plastic.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging –– Design and Branding

From Ice Cream Tubs to Noodle Boxes, we cater to all culinary disciplines. Whether you’re the best Asian street food vendor in town — cutting down plastic waste one wooden chopstick at a time — or a supplier serving much-needed morning coffee, we’ve got what you need.

Our bespoke food packaging won’t only win you more eco-conscious customers, it’ll help protect the environment too. Our certified eco-friendly food packaging exclusively uses natural resources, such as durable Virgin Kraft board and naturally plant-occurring Ingeo™ PLA coating for guilt-free takeaway consumption.

Personalised Food Packaging with Punch

We’re passionate about aligning sustainability with style. As part of our service, we offer bespoke food packaging for a variety of must-have products, including takeaway boxes, printed bags and ice cream tubs.

Each eco-friendly food packaging design is unique. Our talented in-house design team can help you craft each eco-friendly creation for really radical recycling. Add fresh logos to Takeaway Boxes or sassy slogans to Printed Bags to give your custom food packaging some extra flavour.

We’ll help you create products that engage your customers and help your business become successful –– just check out our list of clients, including Nandos and TGI Fridays.

Need a new eco-friendly food packaging design for your business?

Get in touch with our in-house design team today and create your custom eco-friendly packaging.

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