A Mini Guide to Buying Wholesale Food Packaging

Buying Wholesale Food Packaging

We make buying wholesale food packaging simple. Find the packaging you need for your food and beverages with Takeaway Packaging.

Purchasing the right wholesale food packaging can be a tricky affair. With so much choice, it’s hard to know which is the best packaging to use for hot and cold menu items. There is an abundance of different materials and designs on offer, each with its unique benefits, so we’re here to help you make the perfect selection.

Why Buy Food Packaging Wholesale?

For restaurants, pizzerias, coffee houses, and everything in between, food packaging is a necessity. You need to consider how you’ll keep your food and beverages fresh and tasty while bearing any environmental qualities or drawbacks too. These aspects can make or break the customer experience with your brand.

Investing in wholesale food packaging can be expensive, but if you’re anticipating a rush of customers as the festive period draws near, buying wholesale food packaging has numerous advantages:

– Reduce Packaging Costs — Shopping with wholesale packaging suppliers can save you money. Our packaging products are procured from specialist manufacturers who sell only the highest-quality sustainable products for hot and cold food and beverages.

– Greater Choice of Products — Extensive packaging options will allow you to get the right packaging for every item on your menu. You also have access to better deals on branded products, like our range of Fastpac packaging and our Eco Cups.

– Minimising Delivery Costs — Buying your food packaging in bulk reduces the number of shipments you need to arrange. This saves you money on delivery costs and reduces the transportation required to make multiple deliveries, diminishing the number of resources necessary to get the packaging you need.

– Smooth Operations — You can keep things running as they should when you have plenty of packaging. With our stockholding and distribution service, you don’t need to worry about storage. We’ll keep hold of branded packaging and send more to you with next-day delivery as and when you need it.

Buying food packaging wholesale makes good financial sense, especially if you’re growing your business. All that’s left is to make sure that the packaging you get is a good fit for your menu. If you want to “try before you buy”, take advantage of our free packaging samples!

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Food Packaging

The kind of packaging you choose depends on the type of food and drinks products you sell. We have a broad range of eco-friendly packaging products, plus a branded packaging design service.it’s good to know what different kinds of packaging have to offer, as well as which packaging to steer clear of:

Types of Food Packaging to Avoid

Certain types of packaging are outdated, inefficient or unsuitable. Steer clear of the following to make your takeaways safe for humans and the environment:


Plastic food containers used to be a popular choice among takeaway outlets, but as the government bans more single-use plastics — including plates, cutlery and cups — it’s rapidly falling out of favour with consumers and retailers. Plastic packaging may be durable, yet the dangers of plastic packaging are something to be wary of, particularly when plastic packaging is used with hot foods. Some plastics aren’t recyclable either, making them incredibly bad for the environment.


Cheap, flimsy and widely unrecyclable, polystyrene packaging is suffering a similar fate to generic plastic packaging. Although polystyrene is effective at retaining heat, it’s not a sustainable option, especially when compared to plastic-free alternatives.


Many forms of metal-based food packaging are sturdy and recyclable. They’re widely used for pre-packaged food and drinks like baked beans and sugary drinks, but they aren’t best for takeaways. Aluminium trays have been popular for their heat retention, but they are rigid, expensive to produce and rarely recycled if spoiled. It can also corrode overtime if left in unsuitable conditions.

Natural Alternatives for Food Packaging:

As forms of traditional packaging become less popular due to environmental and hygiene concerns, the world needs better, more effective alternatives. Here are some of our best picks:


Made from naturally compostable and biodegradable materials, cardboard packaging like pizza boxes and our ever-popular food carriers are perfect for all kinds of takeaway cuisine. They’re shipped flat, making them incredibly easy to store yet easy to assemble quickly, making rapid service easily attainable.


Our Kraftware range has a few unique advantages over polystyrene and plastic packaging. All of the products in this category are biodegradable and commercially compostable. Specific products, like our eco bowls, feature a PLA bioplastic coating, making them resistant to water, oil and grease. This gives your customers a more enjoyable experience without any takeaway guilt.


Sustainably sourced and easy to manufacture, bagasse makes a cost-effective solution for hot and cold foods. It’s made from sugarcane pulp, a naturally biodegradable material that breaks down quickly. It’s malleable too — it can be crafted into various shapes and sizes, from clamshell containers to leak-proof bowls and lids — so it’s an excellent choice for eclectic food menus.


The future of plastic is here. Bioplastic shares practically all of the same qualities as oil-based plastics, but with one crucial difference: it’s completely biodegradable. Our bioplastic cups can be composted, giving you and your customers another option to dispose of the packaging waste from your takeaways responsibly. 

Buying Eco-Friendly Packaging Wholesale

You might come across some cheaper wholesale packaging, but remember that customers care as much about quality as they do convenience. With a growing number of highly eco-conscious consumers and increasingly stringent environmental packaging regulations, sustainable packaging is the only route forwards. Whether you opt for our stock packaging or push the boat out with a branded option, a planet-positive selection will serve you and your customers well.

Need more information about wholesale food packaging? Get in touch with our expert team for a free packaging design quote, or visit our online shop to discover a range of sustainable packaging solutions available in bulk.