The Eco-Friendly Breakfast Takeaway Packaging You Should Be Using

The right breakfast takeaway packaging will get your customers’ morning off to a great start, no matter what food and drinks they order.

It might be the most important meal of the day, but many people skip breakfast in favour of an early start (or a well-deserved lie-in). This presents your business with a unique opportunity to capitalise on people’s busy schedules, but how can you get their day off to the perfect start?

Whether your customers work from home or join the throngs of commuters making their way to the office, serving up delicious breakfast items — from pastries and coffee to bacon butties and teas — will be sure to score you some great business. So how should you package your breakfast items for maximum convenience and sustainability?

Why Is Sustainable Takeaway Packaging Important?

In the UK, we generate millions of tonnes of packaging waste. Takeaway lunches account for 11 billion tonnes of waste a year, much of which isn’t recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. With statistics like these in mind, it’s up to businesses to provide more eco-friendly options to consumers, no matter what kind of food they serve.

As people are getting their days underway, they might be less inclined to seek out recycling points if they’re in a hurry or late for work. This makes biodegradable packaging a crucial aspect of your shop’s breakfast packaging. Not only is it better for the environment than plastic or other synthetic materials, but it also adds a layer of convenience for your customers. 

They can simply throw away their packaging in general waste without feeling guilty as it will degrade naturally in a short time. So how else can you use breakfast takeaway packaging to make your customers morning?

How to Use Breakfast Takeaway Packaging Effectively

Breakfast items are usually varied. Porridge, cereal, sandwiches and pastries all need different packaging, so how can you reduce costs while providing effective, sustainable breakfast packaging to your loyal customers? 

We’ve outlined a few ways you can make the packaging used for the items on your breakfast menu easier, more cost-effective and planet-positive:

Sustainable Packaging for Hot Drinks

The UK drinks about 95 million cups of coffee daily. If you thought that was impressive, our tiny nation consumes about 100 million cups of tea a day too. Countless people can’t do without these hot, caffeinated beverages to get them started. With such huge demand, it’s vital that consumers have the best eco-friendly options for their takeaway drinks.

You can help your customers enjoy their morning beverage the eco-friendly way with biodegradable coffee cups. Available in various sizes, they can be used for an array of hot drinks. With the addition of compostable lids, customers can secure their beverages and forget worrying about spilling hot liquid all over their work attire. We also stock clear compostable cups made from plant-based materials for cold drinks like fruit juices and breakfast smoothies.

Biodegradable Packaging for Food Items

The next challenge lies with your breakfast food items. Whether your clientele has a penchant for pastries or a keenness for breakfast cobs, you need to provide them with the right packaging that keeps the crumbs at bay.

With an extensive range of sustainable hot food containers, your patrons can enjoy your delectable breakfast items that retain their freshness even on the coldest days of the year. For sandwiches prone to red (or brown) sauce spillages, opt for our eco-friendly sandwich bags that make tucking into a morning sarnie a mess-free experience.

We also stock a whole host of eco-friendly accessories, like biodegradable cutlery, napkins, and twisted handle paper bags made from responsibly sourced paper, to enhance your customers’ experience.

Eco-Friendly Food and Drinks Carriers

Of course, for many, breakfast is best eaten on the go to save precious time during busy mornings. Practical food and drinks carriers can make everyone’s life a lot easier, especially if they’re placing large orders. 

Our gable boxes are the perfect solution for breakfast treats the whole office can enjoy. Made from durable cardboard, they can be reused at the consumers’ leisure or simply recycled. Their solid construction means they can withstand even the most turbulent of commutes, but they’re also easy to deconstruct when they’re finished with.

Unless your customers have superior balance and dexterity, your freshly prepared coffees and teas might not make it to their required destination. But our compostable drinks carriers and sleeves make carrying hot and cold beverages a walk in the park. Even if spoiled by spillages, all of our breakfast takeaway packaging items can be thrown out in general waste as they are 100% plastic-free and biodegradable.

More Eco-Friendly Takeaway Packaging Options

Customers will arrive at your establishment at all hours of the day, which is why we stock a great selection of sustainable takeaway packaging products for all kinds of cuisine served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatever food and beverages you sell, we’ve got you covered with future-friendly packaging that doesn’t cost the earth.

Want to get your customers’ day off to the perfect start? Start serving greener takeaways today with our breakfast takeaway packaging. Check out our online shop or get a free custom design quote for branded packaging today.