The Takeaway Expo 2018!

It was lovely to meet all of you that came to the expo and talked to us about Takeaway Packaging. Now we all know that we have questions in our heads ready to ask when we go to events like this, however when we get our moment they often tend to disappear. So please feel free to call us on 01753 655344 or use our live chat located in the bottom right corner of our newly updated website.

Get in touch with our team

Everyone that gave us their email address would have received a thank you email either yesterday or today. The representative that you spoke to will be in contact within the next week or so with regards to the products you were interested in. But if you have any urgent requests or important questions please feel free to email back and we will respond immediately.

Free samples

Did you get a sample that you were interested in? If so why not use the discount code on the leaflet from our stand, and take a look at the other products we do and see if you like them?

We really hope that you enjoyed the show and will be back again to see us next year. We look forward to hearing back from you and who knows, you may even be one of our customers this time next year!

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