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Head over to our Online Shop and take a look at our new Eco Tubs and Ripple Cups, both of which are fully biodegradable and compostable. There are bio and recycled lids available for these new products.

Eco Tubs:

Our range of Eco Tub range are perfect for food vendors as they are suitable for hot and cold foods. The natural Kraft paper that these pots are produced with gives a rustic yet modern look. These bowls are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable, making them ideal for environmentally conscious brands looking to lower their carbon footprint. Lids are sold separately. These bowls are wider than our Ecobowls making them perfect for dishes with a little more to show!

These Eco Tubs are available in three sizes, 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml with 150mm rPET lid that fits them all. This lid is not compostable but it can be recycled as it is made from recycled plastic.

Our compostable paper products are lined with the sustainable Ingeo™ PLA, a biodegradable coating produced from a substance that naturally occurs in plants. Not only is Ingeo™ PLA fully compostable, it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than plastic based alternatives.


  • Suitable for hot food
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Leak & Greaseproof

Kraft Ripple Eco Cup:

Our ripple Coffee Cup range is very popular, and essentially a triple wall cup. These cups have our eco-friendly message of ‘Taking the plastic out of packaging’ printed on the cup with plant based ink. They also aid in spreading the word about compostable packaging and converting plastic packaging users over to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Printed with ‘This cup is made from plants and is 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable’, these cups are sure to send a clear message to consumers that this is a sustainable food packaging product.

Cups are boxed in 500s and are available in sizes three sizes, 8oz, 12oz & 16oz. These cups can be partnered with our Biodegradable Coffee Cup Lids sold separately. There is an 80mm lid for 8oz and a 90mm for 12oz and 16oz.


  • Suitable for hot and cold food
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Triple Wall appearance

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