Christmas Cups – Available for pre-order

Our Christmas cups are now available to pre-order and will be despatched on 20th November.

Printed like a knitted Christmas jumper, these retro coffee cups are a popular choice every year. 

You can order these biodegradable coffee cups in 3 sizes from 8oz-16oz and they come in either red, blue or green (depending on size).

Biodegradable lids ordered separately here.

Taking the plastic out of packaging

As with our regular coffee cups, these double wall cups are an eco-friendly biodegradable option.  Lined with an Ingeo PLA Bioplastic lining, instead of oil-based plastic make these festive cups 100% biodegradable and kind on the environment.

Want to know more about Ingeo PLA Bioplastic?

Ingeo™ PLA Bioplastic is a biodegradable material produced from a naturally occurring substance found in plants. PLA is a thermoplastic with the physical characteristics and performance of plastic. The naturally advanced Ingeo™ resins used in food service have a significantly lower carbon footprint than fossil fuel-based polymers. This is because the manufacturing of Ingeo™ PLA emits fewer greenhouse gasses (GHGs) than the comparable manufacturing of all common petrochemical-based products.

The process of turning plants into bioplastic allows us to exclude non-renewable resources (such as oil) from our eco-friendly product range.