Which Packaging Materials Are Eco-Friendly?

There are plenty of different eco-friendly packaging materials to choose from, whether you’re buying in bulk for your business or trying to be a more conscious consumer.

With so many options, it’s good to know what makes packaging materials eco-friendly and which ones are best for you. As experts in the use of sustainable, biodegradable packaging, we’ll be sharing some handy insights on eco-friendly materials, so you can start doing your bit to save the planet today.

What Are Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials?

Eco-friendly packaging materials are safe and sustainable for people and the environment. They’re manufactured from recycled or renewable materials that are biodegradable and produce little environmental waste.

You might hear other terms, like “sustainable packaging” or “green packaging”, but these terms tend to mean the same thing.

Which Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Should I Use?

Many different materials can be used for eco-friendly packaging, all with different qualities. Some of the easiest, most efficient and environmentally friendly options are:

Paper and Cardboard –– Natural, readily available, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable — paper and cardboard tick all the boxes! They’re perfect for packing items that need to be posted, as well as all kinds of takeaway food and drinks.

Corn Starch –– Ideal for items that have limited use, such as food and drinks. It can be used to make less harmful packaging “peanuts” that protect items sent through the post. It’s also biodegradable, leaving a limited impact on the environment.

Biodegradable Plastic –– Commonly used in postage envelopes or bubble wrap for bulk mailing, this type of plastic starts to decompose when it’s exposed to sunlight. It makes a good alternative to traditional, non-biodegradable plastics and is more resistant to liquids than paper or cardboard –– great if you need some added durability. 

All of these materials have numerous benefits, from protecting the environment to securing those all-important packages. But what can they do for your business?

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials for Businesses

Besides the environmental benefits of eco-friendly packaging materials, other advantages extend to your business and your customers, too:

They’ll improve your brand’s image, attracting more customers, giving everyone a cleaner conscience.

They’ll draw more conscious consumers to your business; a rapidly growing market across all sectors.

They can be reused, saving you money on buying more materials and reducing waste. 

They have more sustainable production, so you can continue to manufacture products while conserving energy and natural resources.

 With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why eco-friendly packaging makes a great choice for your business. You can save money, build a conscious consumer-base and manage your business’ environmental impact by switching to more sustainable packaging.

If you’re a consumer, it can be less simple. How can you find out if your favourite brand is using sustainable processes and materials?

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Products and Services

Whether you’re doing the weekly shop or looking up a new product, there are a few things you should do before making your next purchase:

Look out for certification marks –– Some are well established and easily recognisable, like the Fairtrade mark or the Leaping Bunny logo, but you might not notice others at first glance. Take some time to get acquainted with more eco-friendly certification marks to make sure your next purchase avoids harming people, animals or the environment.

Do some research –– Look up different brands and see if they can back up their claims for being environmentally friendly. “Greenwashing” is sometimes used by manufacturers that want to tap into a more quality-conscious market, without taking steps to be kinder to the environment or their workforce. A simple web search can help you find the truth about a company’s ethics and processes.

Ask yourself, “Could this be more eco-friendly?” –– Consider how much packaging your product comes with and what it’s made of. If you’re buying particular products regularly, think about ways you could be more environmentally friendly, like using zero-waste shops for your regular food shopping or buying from companies that use eco-friendly packaging.

It can be hard to be fully conscious of everything you buy. If you’re ever in doubt, follow these steps to ensure you’re contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly society. With greater awareness of sustainable packaging and recyclable materials, we can all be better friends to our planet.

Takeaway Packing’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Finding quality, eco-friendly packaging can be difficult. Our mission is to provide non-toxic, biodegradable food packaging that protects the environment. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or tucking-in to a tasty burger, we can help you be more green.

Let us help your business save money and become more sustainable with your packaging.