A Sweet and Sustainable Packaging Alternative — Bagasse Containers

Meet the latest addition to our biodegradable food packaging range — brand new bagasse containers made from sugar cane pulp. Who knew sustainable living could be so sweet? 

That’s right — this innovative range is pulp-based using a material that’s widely available and more importantly, renewable. In line with the rest of our eco-friendly food packaging, our bagasse sugarcane pulp containers are biodegradable, compostable and produced in an environmentally approved way — drastically reducing your carbon footprint. 

Bagasse Rectangular Container

What’s Available in the Bagasse Containers Range?

Browse our brand new bagasse containers to find bowls, burger boxes and flat trays all made from sugar cane pulp. Whether you’re serving deli lunches or hot breakfast trays, there’s something to suit everybody.

Like with our other product ranges, we’ve designed our bagasse containers to resemble a blank canvas. Why? Well, this minimal vibe suits most environmental establishments and also allows eco influencers like you to decide whether to take advantage of our custom branding service. This is a design process where we use veggie inks to personalise your packaging products. 

Please note: All lids shown on this page must be ordered separately. But don’t worry, all of our compatible product lids are fully recyclable too, even though, unlike the bagasse container, they are made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate — a form of plastic).

What’s Sugarcane Pulp? All You Need to Know, Including Its Waste Credentials

Sugarcane is a natural resource grown for multiple purposes. 

Most commonly, sugarcane is used for cane juice. This is either drank as a beverage — renowned for its supposed health benefits and traditionally found in places such as Indonesia — or evaporated to use as sugar within other products. Sugarcane is commercially grown in many places around the globe, including Southeast Asia and Latin America. 

As a result of this process, sugarcane stalks are often discarded after the cane juice has been extracted. This opens a new opportunity for a renewable resource that can be repurposed to create packaging that’s both plentiful and natural. 

Our bagasse containers are created using sugarcane stalks that would have otherwise been crushed and demolished. That said, our bagasse containers hold the highest waste credentials, as the production of them is completely natural. Much like our other environmental products — including our biodegradable eco bowls — our bagasse containers are 100% recyclable and compostable. Did we mention that they’re biodegradable too? That’s the big three ticked off the list.

I’m Sold, How Fast Will My Order Arrive?

We often receive time-sensitive orders and have made it our mission to provide super speedy delivery to fast food vendors around the country. Here’s some more information about our different delivery options: 

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  • Place an order worth over £100 and receive free delivery 
  • Contact us directly if you are ordering from outside of the UK

For more detailed information on what locations we deliver to, associated shipping costs, how to track your delivery and our returns policy, please read our T&Cs on our Shipping & Returns page.

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