Start Living a Plastic Free Life!

Do you want to reduce the amount of plastic that you use in your everyday life, but you do not know how? We are going to talk about simple ways to swap plastic out of your shopping. If we all think about the amount we use and try to reduce it, we will slowly start fixing this ongoing problem.

Fruit and Vegetables

When buying fruit and veg, I think we forget that mother nature has given them their own protective packaging, meaning we DO NOT need to put them in plastic packaging. Ask yourself, do you really need a large bag of carrots or can you pick out some that you want and put them in a brown paper bag that is compostable.

Swap Bottles for Jars

This may not be possible with all products but just take the time to think about it. Can you replace your plastic bottle of vinegar for a glass one, or can you swap your plastic sauce pot for a can or a jar? If we all stop for 2 seconds to think about little things like this then the oceans will be clear before we know it!

Meat and Fish

We are all culprits in damaging the planet with plastic meat packaging. It is so easy to find what you want, pick it up and walk off rather then head over to the deli counter pick what you want and how much of it and get it wrapped up without plastic. Now we understand that this is not for everyone, but if you can then why not do it.


Now this should be easy, as who doesn’t love a bit of fresh bread! Get rid of the plastic bags and go buy a loaf of fresh bread for your breakfast and lunches. If you are buying more than one loaf and you need a bag, get a paper one and if they do not have some on offer, ask for one! Ask to replace the plastic bags with paper ones, there is no reason why not. The earth can’t speak for itself and neither can the wildlife that we are killing so we have to speak up and make the change!

Soft Drinks

This has to be one product that most of all uses plastic packaging… we doubt that there is one person that hasn’t bought a bottle of water or orange juice in the morning. We don’t always need to. Buy a can of coke instead, or a carton of juice or even a glass bottle of water.  We can do it if we try!

So, lets make a change, lets actually DO something about this problem. Head over to our website and take a look at the other plastic alternatives we offer, from PLA to Baggase (Sugarcane Pulp) and even paper. They are amazing products that do not harm the planet. So, have a browse and see if there is anything you are interested in and if you want them branded then give us a call as we do that too. 

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