Customisable, Collectable & Crazy Curly Straws!

Takeaway Packaging produce and supply a large range of drinking straws, from stock or branded to your specific requirements. Curly Straws are just one of these.

Bella Italia’s Curly Straws

We created a clip-on accessory that could be added to curly straws which allows them to be branded with characters or company logos. Many our customers have now adopted this idea and have found that kids like to collect the whole set of colours and clip on accessories.

‘The children love the straws, they always take them home – we have even had adults asking for them!’

Restaurant Manager – Bella Italia, Taplow.

Did you know…

There have been a number of new developments in straw technology since the days of waxed lined paper, which eventually became soggy and no longer usable. With improved plastic blends constantly evaluated, this being vital to keep costs down, meet regulations and improve quality.

Manufacturing and design methods are always being developed, for instance thermoliquid crystals, a specialised colourant that reacts to changes in temperature can be added to straws to make them change colour when they come in contact with hot or cold liquids. Blow molding is another process which can create names or shapes in the middle of the straw.

Takeaway Packaging offer many unique applications including ways of printing or branding straws which can be used as a promotional tool or even identify the type of beverage being served.

Visit our biodegradable straws page for more information, or feel free to get in touch with us.