The Right Straw for You: Pla Straws, Paper Straws & Curly Straws
PLA Straws

Takeaway Packaging are keen to get businesses to start using more compostable packaging, straws included! Straws are currently at the forefront of many discussions regarding single use plastics. We, as a manufacturer of takeaway packaging are responsible for ensuring that you all know about the future friendly alternatives available to you. Here are some options you can consider…

PLA Straws
PLA Smoothie Straw & Smoothie Cup

PLA, short for ‘Polylactic Acid’ is made from a renewable resources, such as corn starch & sugar cane.

o Has the appearance of plastic
o Completely Biodegradable & compostable
o Made from renewable sources

o Cannot be branded… as of yet!
o Cannot be stored in wet conditions

Ppaer Straws
Paper Straws

Paper Straws are made from… paper

o Can be printed with food safe vegetable inks
o Vintage appearance, vibrant and colourful
o Completely biodegradable & compostable
o Great for use with children

o Will go soggy after a period of time
o Not suited for thick smoothies and milkshakes

Bella Italia Curly Straws
Bella Italia Curly Straw


Curly Straws are made from plastic, but they are not single use. They can be used time and time again.


o Curly Straws are reusable
o Great with the kids
o Can be branded with clip ons


o Made from plastic
o Can be expensive

Smoothie Cups
Smoothie Cups



o Cheaper


o Your customers are left without straws

By 2020, we aim to convert all our existing customers to biodegradable and compostable food and drink packaging. If you have any questions about switching to future friendly packaging, please talk to us. We have recently partnered with Ecoware and are delighted to be bringing their growing range of environmentally friendly food packaging to the UK.

Read about our partnership with Ecoware.

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The Final Straw: Paper or Plastic?
Plastic Straws

JD Wetherspoon is just one of the latest chains to end the potential harm of using of plastic straws, as complaints about the environmental effect by staff and customers has led to a new way of thinking in respect of our environment. The pub chain is aiming to cut down plastic straw usage and will be using biodegradable paper straws in the New Year, across their 900 + branches.

It’s been reported that plastic straws can take up to 500 years to rot when dumped in landfill, the chain claims this will stop 70 million plastic straws entering landfill & the world’s oceans each year.

Takeaway Packaging fully support this approach to cutting down plastic wastage and encourage our customers to use an alternative product. This is why we produce both Paper Straws, suitable for disposable use, and Curly Straws, which can be reused time and time again.

Paper Straws

Our Paper Straws are fully compostable & biodegradable, these straws can be branded with your artwork, and will be made in your desired sizes, colours and quantity. We print paper straws with food safe vegetable inks.

Curly Straws

Our Curly Straws are reusable and can incorporate a clip-on accessory for branding purposes, these are ideal for use with children as they can collect the clip-ons and take the straws home.

5 Benefits of switching to these straws
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cheaper
  • Biodegradable
  • Less Wastage
  • Sustainable Sources

Check out our Straws page for more information about the different styles of drinking straws we produce.

We offer stock options available for those who aren’t looking to brand their drinking straws, these are available in a variety of colours. Takeaway Packaging also produce a wide range of compostable & recyclable takeaway food packaging and street food packaging supplies, please get in touch with us to find out more.

Customisable, Collectable & Crazy Curly Straws!
Bella Italia Curly Straws

Takeaway Packaging produce and supply a large range of drinking straws, from stock or branded to your specific requirements. Curly Straws are just one of these.

Bella Italia’s Curly Straws

We created a clip-on accessory that could be added to curly straws which allows them to be branded with characters or company logos. Many our customers have now adopted this idea and have found that kids like to collect the whole set of colours and clip on accessories.

‘The children love the straws, they always take them home – we have even had adults asking for them!’

Restaurant Manager – Bella Italia, Taplow.

Did you know…

There have been a number of new developments in straw technology since the days of waxed lined paper, which eventually became soggy and no longer usable. With improved plastic blends constantly evaluated, this being vital to keep costs down, meet regulations and improve quality.

Manufacturing and design methods are always being developed, for instance thermoliquid crystals, a specialised colourant that reacts to changes in temperature can be added to straws to make them change colour when they come in contact with hot or cold liquids. Blow molding is another process which can create names or shapes in the middle of the straw.

Takeaway Packaging offer many unique applications including ways of printing or branding straws which can be used as a promotional tool or even identify the type of beverage being served.

Visit our biodegradable straws page for more information, or feel free to get in touch with us.