bespoke designs tailored just for you

All products produced by Takeaway Packaging are safe for use with food and stored in a sanitary environment.

Branded Straws are an excellent and cost effective way of increasing brand awareness, having a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours to choose from, Takeaway Packaging are able to print your logo and message on your straws, we can also brand the paper wrapper.

In-House Design Service

Why not benefit from the takeaway packaging design team’s experience and allow them to create your own unique artwork, to compliment your business.

Storage & Distribution

Once the manufacturing is completed, Takeaway Packaging can store and distribute on call-off for next day delivery as and when required.

Upload your own design

File Upload: Our preferred format is a JPEG at 72 DPI, with a maximum size of 5,000px wide x 5,000px high.  The file size should not exceed 50MB.  If you experience any problems uploading your file, please try reduce it’s size or email the details to us  [email protected]

Your artwork will not be uploaded to the straw itself due to the small printing area available.

classic straw

Classic Straws

Exactly as the name suggests, a classic straw that is straight up and down. Available in a choice of colours and widths.

Green Spoon Straws

Spoon Straws

Similar to the classic straw but with a scoop at one end, they are ideally suited to milkshakes, smoothies and slushies.

Bendy Straws

Bendy (Articulated) Straws

The bendy straw is straight at one end and bendy at the other, they are also available in different colours and widths.

Small Black Cocktail Straws

Cocktail Straws

A cocktail straw is a smaller, thinner version of the classic straw so it fits perfectly in a martini glass or a shorts tumbler.

Red & White Paper Straws

Paper Straws

Paper Straws are printed with food safe vegetable inks and are eco-friendly, meaning that they are both biodegradable and compostable.

Green Colour Changing Straws

Colour Changing Straws

When the material of the colour changing straw comes into contact with liquid – a reaction occurs causing the colour to change!

Belle Italia Curly Straws

Curly Straws

Curly straws come in a variety of colours and curl patterns. Branding can be achieved by adding a clip-on accessory, printed with logos or characters.


Takeaway Packaging produce and supply a large range of drinking straws branded to your specific requirements. We have extensive knowledge and great ideas of how to achieve eye catching designs to enhance your brand image.

Stock Products

Takeaway Packaging hold in stock an extensive range of plain, unbranded straws, available for next day delivery. We also supply cocktail stirrers and napkins.

Get in touch to find out more.