3 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Plastic Bag Free Day

Discover some easy and effective ways to promote your business on Plastic Bag Free Day with Takeaway Packaging.

On July 3rd this year, the world will be celebrating Plastic Bag Free Day. While plastic bags have been used extensively across the globe to help people carry home their shopping — as well as occupying kitchen drawers and frequently ending up as makeshift bin liners — they have a hugely negative impact on the environment.

On Plastic Bag Free Day, you can help raise awareness about the urgent need to move away from plastics to less damaging, more planet-friendly packaging options. It’s also a great opportunity to promote your brand, so what are the best ways to celebrate Plastic Bag Free Day this year?

What Is Plastic Bag Free Day?

International Plastic Bag Free Day aims to raise awareness about the negative effects of plastic bags on the environment and promote more eco-friendly alternatives. But you might be wondering, “are plastic bags really that bad for the planet?”. 

There’s no denying it — plastic bags are pretty convenient. After all, that’s why they’ve proven so popular for the past few decades. They’re fairly water-resistant, they can be folded or scrunched up to make storage easier and, depending on the kind of plastic bag you get, they’re actually quite durable. Sounds good, right?

Well, plastic bags might have a few advantages, but the production and disposal of plastic bags wreak havoc on the environment. Between their fossil-fuel reliant creation and their centuries-long decomposition, plastic bags are used for just 25 minutes, on average. So, for example, if you used a plastic bag to carry home your shopping, taking 25 minutes, and the typical plastic bag takes 500 years to decompose, it’ll take 10 million times longer for it to decompose. That’s not good…

How to Celebrate Plastic Bag Free Day

There are plenty more frightening statistics about plastic bags, which might be enough for you to never want to touch a plastic bag again, but numbers won’t change the world — action will. So here are some easy ways to get the plastic-free party started:

  • Ditch the Plastic

It might seem like an impossible task to totally remove plastic from your takeaway packaging, but we’re here to help. Consumers prefer paper to plastic, making our eco-friendly paper bags and carriers an awesome alternative for anything your customers need to take away with them to a shady seating area just a few meters away or all the way home to be enjoyed on the sofa.

  • Create Custom Packaging to Boost Awareness

Helping raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bags is an easy but effective way to score points with your customers. They’ll love that your brand is doing something different to help the environment, and as a result, you’re more likely to get their repeat custom. Of course, your competitors might attempt to do the same, so whatever you do needs to stand out and send a clear message, which is where we can lend a hand. 

Our in-house design team are an expert in creating captivating custom packaging that’ll catch the eye of any onlooker and make people take note of your message. Plus, with super-fast turnaround times, you can get the packaging you need to enhance your branding quickly and efficiently.

  • Help Your Customers Celebrate Plastic Bag Free Day Too!

Sharing is caring, so why not share something cool with your valued customers? Whether that’s insightful facts about how your packaging preserves the planet’s resources or advice on how customers should responsibly dispose of their packaging, it’s a tried-and-tested way of making experiences with your brand memorable. It’ll also help your customers do the right thing, curbing littering, encouraging recycling and promoting home-composting, to name a few.

How Are You Celebrating Plastic Bag Free Day?

Since the introduction of the plastic bag charge in 2015, plastic bag usage has been in decline. It helped people manage their use of plastic bags, promoting reuse and recycling, but it hasn’t totally eradicated the numerous problems plastic presents. This Plastic Bag Free Day, do your bit to encourage the use of reusable, eco-friendly packaging. With so many eco-friendly options to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you need to kick-start your plastic-free fiesta you can make last the whole year-round.

Want to get involved? Even if you’ve missed Plastic Bag Free Day this year, you can still give your customers a great guilt-free takeaway experience. Check out our online shop and discover 100% plastic-free bags and eco-friendly food carriers today.