A Summer Full of Ice Cream

It’s hard to believe that a product brought to Europe in the early 1300s is still so popular today! On average, every person in the UK will eat around 9 litres of ice cream every year.

With summer nearing, we are very excited to share with you our range of unbranded ice cream tubs – available to purchase now.

Our Ice Cream Products

Mixed Design Scoop Tubs

Ice Cream - Mixed Design

These mixed design Ice Cream tubs are great for confectionary and frozen yogurt. Available in 8oz size.

Melt Design Scoop Tubs (Compostable)
Our new Ice Cream tubs have a charming drip design and are available in these sizes: 3oz, 5oz & 8oz. These tubs are completely biodegradable and compostable.

EcoBowls (Compostable)

EcoBowls - Ice Cream Tubs

These food pots from Ecoware are coated with Ingeo™ bioplastic, tailored for coating paperboard. Available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz.

Our Ice Cream cups are manufactured from food grade paperboard and coated with PE or PLA.

These tubs are all suitable for ice cream, frozen desserts, nuts and confectionary.


We can brand these tubs with stickers, or you can take it a step further and design your own ice cream tubs. Choose your own sizes, style and quantity. If you need guidance with the design aspect, we can assist you. We brand Ice Cream tubs with food safe inks, read about our design services here.

Keeping with this week’s theme of Ice Cream, read our top Ice Cream parlours in London.

Our Favourite Ice Cream Parlours in London 2018

Gelupo opened its first branch in 2010 and second in 2015. With creations like ricotta and sour cherry or saffron and vanilla ice cream, you’re sure to stumble across something new.
Visit Gelupo

Ruby Violet
Ruby Violet create bespoke ice cream & frozen treats in London. Their 2 branches in Tufnell Park and Kings Cross have proven a popular choice this year. Order their tasting menu to try six of their flavours.
Visit Ruby Violet

Chin Chin Labs
Chin Chin Labs are based in Camden and Soho. They began in Camden, 2011, making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Their classic flavours include Tonka Bean and Valrhrona Chocolate.
Visit Chin Chin Labs

View the full list here.

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