Marlowe’s Case Study

If you’re making burgers made from fully traceable grass fed beef, you’re going to want to shout about it – so why not use your packaging to do just that?

With mouthwatering burgers, sides and irresistible milkshakes on offer, Marlowe’s were ready to take the ‘beef’ by the horns with a new range of branded cups, take out bags, greaseproof paper, food containers and colourfull labels, all of which now proudly tell us a little bit more about Marlowe’s.

Everyone knows the value of adding a logo to your takeaway bags or coffee cups, BUT your food and drinks packaging is a blank canvas and ready for much more than that!

Marlowe’s have cleverly used their packaging to reinforce key messages about their food and encourage customer engagement through social media – a great way to keep their patrons interested and remind them what they’re missing.

If you’re ready to find out more about branded packaging, MOQ’s apply and differ by product.  Just get in touch with the custom packaging team to find out more.