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Choosing the correct food & drink packaging for your coffee shop can be an absolute nightmare! But here at Takeaway Packaging, we are experts when it comes to selecting suitable packaging for cafes. Today, we are sharing our top tips and packaging suggestions for all coffee shops, let us know your thoughts.

Tip #1 The Right Hot Cup for You

Ecoware Cups - Takeaway Packaging

There are so many different hot drink cups on the market, and it can all become quite confusing when packaging companies use different terms and descriptions to describe the same product! Here’s a quick breakdown of how different hot cups work, what they are best suited for and a few extra tips.

Single Wall

Black Single Wall EcoCup
Black Single Wall EcoCup

Single Wall cups can be used for both hot and cold beverages. When used as a Hot Cup, they provide the least amount of insulation and are likely to be very hot to the touch. We always recommend using sleeves with these cups if you plan to use them as a hot drinks cup.

Double Wall

"Made from Plants" Double Wall EcoCup
“Made from Plants” Double Wall EcoCup

Double Wall cups are predominantly used for hot drinks and are the most popular type of cup in the marketplace. The ‘Double’ in Double Wall refers to the cup having an additional layer to increase insulation and prevent the cup being hot to touch. It unlikely you’ll need to use a sleeve with these cups, especially if it’s of high quality.

Triple Wall (Ripple)

Exec Triple Wall Cup
Exec Triple Wall Cup

Triple Wall cups, also known as Ripple Cups provide the highest level of insulation when it comes to hot cups. These cups have a ripple effect design and look great when branded. These cups also work well on their own but can be used with a sleeve if necessary.

Another thing you will need to consider are sizes! Standard sizes range from 4oz to 20oz, for reference, a 4oz cup is used for espresso shots, and a 20oz is the size of Starbucks’ Venti hot cup.

Tip #2 Lining Your Cups


Once you’ve chose the right cup for you, you’ll need to choose a lining for your cup. There are two types of linings currently available.

PE lining is made from plastic. Whilst it offers water and grease resistance, we are dedicated to ending the use of single use plastics and would not recommend this lining as it means the cup will not be compostable, nor biodegradable. It can however be recycled in specialist facilities.

PLA, also known as bioplastic, is made from a naturally occurring plant, not oil. PLA is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable as opposed to plastic, making it our top choice for coffee cups.

Tip #3 Branded or Stock?

There are so many varieties of cups available to you, both branded and unbranded. If you choose branded, you can design every aspect of your cups, from the size of your cup to the finish of your lids. With stock cups, you can choose your desired size or style from a vendor, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of stock.

Branded Cups

Branded Double Wall Cup
Branded Double Wall Cup

Size – With branded cups, you can create multiple sizes with varying designs
Style – You can choose whether you’d like your cup to be Single Wall, Double Wall or Triple Wall
Design – You can print your cup in as many colours as you like and include your unique artwork and logos. We always recommend adding your social handles to help boost engagement online.
Finish – Matt or Gloss? You decide

Stock Cups

Stock Black Double Wall Cup
Stock Black Double Wall Cup

Options – Hundreds of unbranded lines available to you
Delivery – Speedy delivery and no lead times
Price – Often cheaper

Tip #4 Lids!
EcoCups - Ecoware -Takeaway Packaging
EcoCups by Ecoware

When ordering cups (especially bespoke cups) we find customers often purchase lids for all sizes of their cups. It’s important to note that for most cups you’ll find that one size fits all (from 10oz up). Smaller cups tend to have a smaller diameter and require smaller lids!

It’s also wise to note that a lot of coffee shops don’t serve their espresso’s with lids.

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