7 Brilliant Benefits of Branded Takeaway Packaging

Waffle Away Branded Greaseproof paper and boxBranded takeaway packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, but how does it benefit your business? Find out with Takeaway Packaging.

Customers crave connection. They want a branded experience to reinforce their purchasing decisions and give them a sense of fulfilment when ordering your food and drinks. You can make your brand stand out without blowing your entire marketing budget or negatively impacting the environment, from printed takeaway bags to branded takeaway boxes.

Is your packaging holding you back? Find out how branded packaging can boost brand awareness and drive sales.

What Is Branded Takeaway Packaging?

Branded takeaway packaging does what it says on the tin, box, bag or carrier. It promotes your brand while protecting your food and drinks products. By showcasing your artwork, logo or messaging on takeaway containers and carriers, you’re keeping your menu items fresh while keeping your brand fresh in your customers’ minds — a win-win for takeaway lovers and savvy marketers alike.

Your branded packaging shouldn’t be limited to your core packaging items though. Consistency is key for successful branding, so adding your brand’s artwork to all your packaging items will be a lot more impactful than only branding one aspect of your packaging. You might be thinking, “this is going to be expensive”, but branded packaging is a relatively small investment that has the potential to revitalise your brand, no matter the size of your business.

Is Branded Takeaway Packaging Important?

Whether you choose to create colourful, vibrant packaging that grabs your customers’ attention or subtle, sophisticated designs that ooze quality, the goal is to boost brand awareness. It’s this aspect of your marketing that will benefit the most from branding your food boxes, bags, accessories, and anything else your customers come into contact with.

Brand awareness helps new and existing customers remember the high-quality takeaway food and drinks they had from your outlet. Customers appreciate the care and attention that branded packaging offers. It should be a reflection of the quality of the product inside instead of an afterthought. 

Branded packaging is a must-have to give your valued customers the best experience possible, win repeat business and establish brand loyalty.

The Brilliant Benefits of Branded Takeaway Packaging

If you’re an eco-conscious food and drinks business on a budget, you could opt for stock eco-friendly takeaway packaging, but going the extra mile to help customers remember your brand. Our products will protect your menu items and the planet, but non-branded packaging doesn’t have the same impact as branded takeaway packaging.

Here’s how branded takeaway packaging can build your brand:

1. Amplifies Customer Satisfaction — Takeaways are all about convenience. If your packaging makes it awkward for your customers to carry, drink from or eat out of, their entire experience with your brand will suffer. Make their lives easier with expertly crafted branded packaging that’s convenient and stylish, like our printed food boxes and carriers.

2. Enhances the Takeaway Experience — You shouldn’t underestimate the novelty of ordering a takeaway. Make your customers’ experience special with branded takeaway packaging that will make their meals memorable. Even something as small as branded stickers can remind customers of the brand that made them so happy as they tuck into their takeaway.

3. Makes Packaging More Exciting — Branded takeaway packaging adds flair to otherwise bland and unimaginative takeaway containers, cups and accessories. Intensify the excitement around your products by matching the quality of your food and drinks with the packaging that protects it.

4. Protects Your Products in Style — Put the “fun” back in “functionality” with branded takeaway containers. Hot and cold food items need to be temperature regulated and grease-resistant to keep food fresh, so whether you’re selling soup or ice cream, you won’t have to compromise on style or substance.

5. Promotes Your Business Locally — Printed takeaway bags do the leg-work for you when used by customers moving around your location. Give your brand maximum exposure with a large printed logo or eye-catching artwork that’ll make passers-by look twice.

6. Strengthens Your Online Presence — Include a catchy hashtag on your branded packaging to encourage customers to post about your products and share their experiences. Utilising user-generated content is a great way to promote your brand online without going out of your way to create original content.

7. Protects the Environment — Using water and vegetable-based inks and sustainably sourced materials, we create planet-positive packaging that doesn’t come with any unwanted environmental consequences.

With so many advantages to giving your customers a branded experience, it’s no wonder customised packaging makes such an impression. 

Branding Your Takeaway Packaging in Style

Branded takeaway packaging should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, regardless of the scale of your operation. Without it, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to promote your business locally and online. Don’t miss out — start using branded packaging today and watch your business grow.

Want to enjoy the benefits of branded packaging? Get in touch with our in-house design team for a free packaging quote. Check out our blog and learn more about how to use custom packaging to promote your brand.